Think Different!

Ever thought that everyone seems to get married in June?

But a winter wedding can be totally glamorous, cinematic and magical.

With the right elements, your winter wedding will be a wonderland.

The Attire

Think about you and your partner in the elegant look; the groom in tails, and the bride in a white long silk dress with a purple fur.

It would be interesting to evoke the winter season with diamonds and pearls on the gown.

Using wraps, shrugs, and capes, or dramatic coats could result a perfect combination.

The bride in a white dress and a large red shawl rolled up against the groom dressing a red boutonnière makes a striking contrast.

And what about bridesmaids?

An attractive wrap to wear on the day of the wedding could be very appropriate.


Look for a chalet with a fireplace is going to leave your guests breathless.

For larger ceremonies, you may be able to use a historic lodge or a castle that will maintain intimate warm atmosphere.

Big rooms with large picture windows is the best solution you can have during winter events, even though on the day of the wedding snowflake might miss.

Don’t forget to consider an adequate heating during your event, i.e.old churches can be especially drafty.

The Menu

We personally suggest the Tyrolese cuisine inspired by the old tradition in Südtirol, “Kasspatzln”, “Canederli”, “Mezzelune”, Rosticciata “Gröstl” and for the sweet “Sacher” cake and “Strüdel”.

Winter Wedding Flowers

A wedding inspired by silver and white elegant should be decorated with dusty miller, silver-dollar eucalyptus, baby blue eucalyptus eventually mixed with white flowers such as roses, football mums, crocus, lilies, and stephanotis.

For a bright bouquet, red roses with holly and pine-tree greenery evoke the tonalities of the forest and woods.

Décor for Your Winter Wedding

A mise en place with white poinsettias, bright red cranberries in a bowl surrounding floating candles, a room enlightened light by pillar candles on a bed of pine branches, stock up on strands of small white lights, stringing them around doorways, over tables, and on archways.

Favors for Your Guests?

Get inspired by the place!

Give them some good warm small blanket, a map of the places to visit or a brochure suggesting activities (i.e. ice-skating, skiing) or invite them to play in a competition all together fighting with snow balls, live it with the joy even though it is cold!

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