Some tips to take the right decision

Couples who desire to get married in Rome have always precise reasons. To be clear: it is very easy to fall in love with Tuscany, Amalfi or Venice. People who plan Rome for their wedding normally have experienced in this town striking moments. So let’s see what and where can you get married in Rome.

Starting from inside the town the first good option is a Roof garden.

The bigger advantage is that you will be in a terrace with a stunning view so that you and your guest will be watching the entire panorama while enjoying your canapé and lunch. However, we suggest to plan the reception at dinner when possible. An overview of the sparkling city by night could be breath-taking.

The second advantage is that if you’re planning a civil legally binding ceremony you will be close to the Rome town hall. In this way you and your guest won’t need to get stressed for the transfer. Also, a walk through the ruins of the old town could be very nice and original!

The third advantage is the cost.

99% of the time roof gardens don’t ask you to pay the rent of the restaurant.

Sometimes they give you the possibility to pay a fee to have the exclusive of a room. But it is very un-expensive and infrequent. 

Classic and Neoclassic Villas

In Rome there are Villas that belongs to old noble families. Some of them are given in concession to event planner who manage them quite exclusively and in some other cases are still in the possession of the owner. A wedding planner present in the territory should know these places and how to deal with their managers.

We propose you some picture below just to have an idea.

These villas are in the heart of the centre as outside of the “pomerium” (It was a religious boundary around the city of Rome and cities controlled by Rome. In legal terms, Rome existed only within its pomerium; everything beyond it was simply territory (ager) belonging to Rome.) not far from the historic centre.

Rustic refined Villas

There are interesting places close to the lakes outside the town.Owners have been working on the idea of renewing these places in order to create a merge of rustic and elegance at the same time.Consider that these farms are pretty far from the centre of the town, so unless there are important reason that oblige couples to stay in Rome we suggest to plan a wedding in Tuscany. 

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