Weddings – Country chic style

The country chic style, as far as we know form a recent market survey, seems to be of greater tendency.

Where does it come from? From where does it get inspiration? And however, all why couples are happy to receive guests on a table without tablecloth on straw chairs, with tin buckets bringing ice?

Certainly trends that inspired human habits have always followed opposing vectors; “progress” on one side and “back to the origins” on the other. It is part of the human nature.

A paradox is certainly the different tenor, compared to the expectations of the traditionalist couples, if you just think that, at least here in Italy, people have always looked for luxury locations and 5-star hotels, mainly in big cities.

Now the “winning” owners seem to be the heirs of peasant families with a an entrepreneurial initiative and a attitude for aesthetic beauty.

Country style decorations

Country style is inspired by American farms where simple families used to spontaneously organize recurrent fests from time to time.

Once we pointed out the hints about human nature and recent market trends, let’s analyze solutions for country weddings’ reception decor.

We mentioned in other articles the importance of tables.

For us tables quality is a fundamental for couples who decide to get dirty the bridesmaids’ shoes.

The use of solid wood is ideal, it is obtained from the inside of the tree trunk.

Its processing certainly increases the costs of them if you decide to buy it. However renting tables is an option that many not consider. Maybe because it Is not easy to find this kind of suppliers.

Will be google enough helpful?

Anyway this a task that a good wedding planner deserve.

For the decoration you can use a table runner or even better, a floral arrangements inspired by the surrounding nature with some element of decoration inserted here and there to interpret the context (i.e. a peak if you are near the sea, rather than jugs made of earthenware, wooden vases, wicker baskets, etc.).

What dominate the country style are the natural elements.

The colors that characterize this style are cream, ivory, beige and brown combined with pastel colors.

The most suitable flowers for this style are the flowers of the field combined with more important flowers such as peony and wild flowers if you go up in altitude.

For details you can use cardboard, string, and yuta tapes.

Briefly, all natural and raw materials that recall the country atmosphere are welcome in the country atmosphere.

The space for creativity has no limits even in this case; maybe the country chic style is the most inviting style to go off the grid…

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