Wedding Planner South Tyrol Italy

Wedding Planner South Tyrol Italy



Wedding Planner in South Tyrol

South Tyrol is the most northern province in Italy and it’s an idyllic place for a wedding ceremony. There are a myriad of fascinating backdrops in this part of the world and a professional South Tyrol Italian wedding planner can help you to locate the right one for your special day.

The scenery in South Tyrol is magical. It includes an array of mountain peaks, rocky romantic hideaways, crystal blue lakes, and fresh alpine meadows. Hiring a wedding planner in Italy who has experience in the area means that they can create the perfect tailor-made wedding of your dreams.

This can include a rustic wedding which makes the best use of the surrounding countryside. If you are fans of outdoor activities, you may even want to include a hike with your guests through the meadows and rocky outcrops, to make your wedding memorable.

Alternatively, you may want to celebrate your love with a luxury wedding, in a romantic castle amidst the hills. Whatever your wishes are, a South Tyrol Italy wedding planner can help you to achieve them, and get the romantic experience that you yearn for.

Best wedding location South Tyrol

A wedding planner can also help you find the ideal location in South Tyrol, for your wedding. There is an impressive selection of romantic locations to choose from. Here are some ideas that may help to provide you with some inspiration.

Tre cime di Lavaredo

These three peaks are amongst the most famous in South Tyrol. You will see them captured by photographers and represented on postcards and calendars. However, there is nothing quite like being close to these stunning peaks. A wedding in this part of the world is certainly memorable. It also provides you with some impressive images of your big day, against such a beautiful backdrop.