Wedding Planner in South Tyrol Italy

a couple looking to each other on seiser alm

South Tyrol is the most northern province in Italy, and it’s an idyllic place for mountain wedding ceremonies on the Italian dolomites.

There is a myriad of fascinating backdrops in this part of the world, and a professional South Tyrol Italian wedding planner can help you to locate the right one for your special day FOR SURE!

The scenery in South Tyrol is magical. It includes an array of mountain peaks, rocky romantic hideaways, crystal blue lakes, and fresh alpine meadows.

Hiring your wedding planner in the Dolomites and South Tyrol who has knowledge of the territory and local traditions means that we can create the perfect tailor-made destination wedding on Dolomites that will make you experience the real beauty of the mountain in the most important days of your life!

As local wedding planner we know exactly in which places bring you over the mountains and in the forest to get a perfect shooting after the ceremony or for you vows.

A wedding celebrant preparing his speech during a wedding on Seceda

Mountain wedding can be classified as rustic wedding, but South Tyrol offer a wide variety of venues, such as luxury Retreats, high-end Lodges, mountain Chalets and hotel or typical family-run hotels!

Being in South Tyrol and in general in the Italian Alps is a way to allow you and your guest to experience outdoor sports such as hiking through the meadows and rocky outcrops, to make your experience on Dolomites memorable.

Alternatively, you may want to celebrate your wedding in a luxury retreat or a romantic Castle amidst the mountains.

As your wedding planner in South Tyrol, we can help you out to locate these venues and come with you for a site inspection together!

table decorations during a wedding with the Seceda mountain in the backdrop
wedding reception at seiser alm in the dolomites

If you’re looking for best wedding venues in South Tyrol you’re in the right place today…

As your local wedding planner on the Italian dolomites we can also help you find the ideal wedding location for your event.

There is an impressive selection of romantic locations to choose!!!

Here are some ideas that may help to provide you with some inspirations.

High-End Mountain Chalet

If you are looking for privatization and desire a high-end Chalet only for you and your guest all day long and night, we have a great solution for you.

There are undiscovered venues that will be happy to host your wedding at an affordable price since Südtirol is an area that has not been targeted yet by the so-called wedding tourism, and you can take advantage from this!

You will be able to rent an entire mountain Chalet for yourself and your guests for only €.2500 vat included, and your reception will cost only approximately €.130 per person, excluding beverages. 

This is the best chance to have your elegant private Chalet immersed in nature for a unique experience up in the mountain with no one around.

A mountain chalet in the dolomites
A mountain chalet overlooking mountain Seceda
table decorations during a wedding with the Seceda mountain in the backdrop

Retreats and Mountain Resorts

There will not be a hotel around you, but a place, space, a dimension. A village made of rooms overlooking by pines and apple trees.

The tyrolean mountains will be your backdrop. In these places so far from any routine, it is possible to find a closeness to keep in the heart for a lifetime.

Mountain resort is required so often for wedding ceremonies and reception.

Peace and nature, isolation and freedom open new worlds in which large spaces open up for the most intense feelings, for the most profound bonds, and the purest joie de vivre.

In the more recent years, more and more couples of newlyweds have chosen to pronounce the fateful “yes” in this extraordinary place.

Miramonti hotel, luxury retreat.
Terrace of a luxury hotel in Südtirol

Modernized Mountain Hut

If you want to live a whole mountain experience tasting the best food of south Tyrollean tradition in a place that has been modernized but maintains the aesthetic of the old wood and design, we can propose a wonderful hut from 1500 up to 2500 meters.
These mountain huts for your wedding are charming because the owners have invested in the aesthetic so that you don’t feel you are in a refuge of hikers but in a natural, high-end environment.
You will be able to host your reception outside with full privatization and have a backup plan in case of rain in the high-end interior of the hut!

A wedding hut on Seceda
Modernized hut in the Südtirol during a wedding.

Lounge Refuge

A high-end refuge in the dolomites with the light turned off and no one visible.
View from the interior of a luxurious hut in the dolomites.
Alpinn terrace by night.

Imagine exchanging heartfelt vows surrounded by the ethereal beauty of the Dolomites in Corvara. As you rise to the heavens, the timeless expanse of the Sella Group captures the essence of love, magnifying every whispered word and stolen glance amidst nature’s grandeur.

Your culinary journey at this altitude mirrors the landscapes: rooted in tradition but elevated with modern twists. Each bite, a fusion of Ladin heritage and contemporary flair, promises a feast for the senses.

This alpine sanctuary, an architectural gem, marries the rustic allure of the mountains with modern sophistication. It offers an ambiance that resonates both intimacy and splendor.

The ascent, a symbolic journey via a cable car, sets the stage for the profound moments awaiting at the peak. Here, amidst the clouds, begins not just a celebration but a lifelong journey, deeply intertwined with the soul of the Dolomites.

Family-owned business hotels

These are places with soul and warmth, family-owned businesses.

Suitable places where you can find peace and where the “hospitality” factor is significant.

Each hotel is unique and individual. Nobody is the same as another. The guest is in the first place, as well as the use of local and homemade products.

The services’ quality, courtesy, and environment make South Tyrol one of the most targeted areas for peace, relaxation, and joy in life.

The sensation you will feel in these Venus is that you have been hosted by a family who knows you and treats you like a person they care about.

Montchalet external spaces during a wedding in grödner
Montchalet in Gröden

Fairytale Castle

In addition to refined and award-winning gourmet cuisine, home-made pasta also finds its place.

Places designed to leave everything behind once you have crossed the entrance door, the problems of everyday life, rediscovering a new dimension of yourself.

Where while sipping a good glass of wine, you will delight in the imposing mountain panorama or simply put your ear to the harmony of nature by taking a sunbath on the canopied beds in the sheltered castle garden.

These castles represent the explicit invitation to collect precious pieces of life instead of a myriad of business cards.

A place where you can taste the true and pure nature of being. A unique place that could never be found elsewhere.

Luxury Private Resort

In these exclusive and private Resorts, you will find the peace maybe you have been looking for so far.

You maybe interested to the fact that these places are unreachable by cars and any vehicles!

The cabin car to the mountain is still the only way to get to the place.

Cradled by a slight hum, the cabin travels in just seven minutes to bring you up to 1200 meters above sea level. Once you’re up there, you will receive your welcome in a place entirely in harmony with nature’s rhythm.

No engines, no asphalt, no parking, only peace and silence to catch your senses, with the fresh and resinous aroma of the larch trees slightly moved by the breeze.

Vigilius mountain resort
Vigilius hotel outdoor view on the forest
Vigilius private cable car