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Your dream wedding with the best wedding planner in Sorrento

Is Sorrento the chosen destination for you wedding? Then you definitely need a professional wedding planner in Sorrento! We are here to organize the special day for foreigners couples in the smallest details. We operate all across Italy to ensure our customers an unforgettable wedding in their much desired location with all the comforts.

There is a special trademark we are really proud of: making you appreciate the real beauty of our country to celebrate your wedding at best. Whether it is a religious or symbolic ceremony, we will always find the perfect frame to write down your story in Italy. Through the years we have organised weddings in many special places all across Italy: Dolomites, Lake Garda, Lake Como, Tuscany and Rome. But if you wish deeply to celebrate your love surrounded by the intense colours and perfumes of our stunning land, you can’t miss Sorrento!

Right at the heart of the homonym Gulf, Sorrento is a unique and enchanted place. Here the scent of zagare and lemons mixed together with the acridest of the saltiness, will sign your eternal promise.

Speaking about the setting, a wedding planner in Sorrento has available several suggestions in such a magical place. The vertical landscape of the coastal territory, characterized by the presence of the mountains and the sea, is a picturesque maze of staircases, streets, and alleys. If you dream of a wedding able to catch all the raw spirit of Italy, Sorrento is your special place to celebrate your love.

Here you can find some of the most popular wedding location in Sorrento where Makeda is used to work:

  • Luxury hotels with seafront terrace
  • Elegant private villas
  • Historical maisons in the city centre
  • Characteristic farms into the wild of the coast

These are just a few examples of the most requested places for our service of wedding planner in Sorrento.

But choosing the best venue is not enough for us. We take care of your wedding with a complete range of services: booking transport, finding accomodations for you and your guests, setting rooms and locations, predisposing the ceremony, organising the celebration and the catering with the best vendors on the market.

Last but not least, our service  takes in charge the choose of the wedding photographer also. Professionalism, discretion, technical skills and empathy are all precious features of the trusted wedding photographer who will make your special day last forever.

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