A newlywed couple is hugging each other after a wedding ceremony on Seceda in the Dolomites.

Get assistance for your wedding Planner on Seceda in Val Gardena. You won’t believe your eyes!

If you landed here, it means you have seen some pictures on social media, or maybe you saw a crazy and happy couple eloping on Seceda or the shoots a good photographer did early morning or sunset.

Mount Seceda is on the sunny side of Val Gardena, in the middle of the Puez – Odle Nature Park.

The view from the top embraces the Dolomites and all the South Tyrolean mountains.

If you want to take good pictures here at dawn or sunset, there are only two ways: 

  1. Book a helicopter;
  2. Prepare yourself to face 4 hours of climbing if you want to get shot at dawn or 4 hours of descending if you wish to a photo shooting at sunset.
  3. Sleep in the closest refuge and walk two hours.

We say this because the other ordinary way to reach these peaks is the efficient cable cars the Val Gardena offer in the town of Ortisei, and the usual time the cable cars start is 8:30 am, and the latest run is at 6:00 pm.

So if you take the first or last trip, you would lose the dawn or the sunset in any case.

Concerning elopement on Seceda with a helicopter, we can advise you the best helicopter company in the dolomites since as local wedding planners in the Dolomites we will propose to you a company that is used to work with weddings and elopements, hence they will wait for you during your shooting without putting you pressure with no hurry and stress and no additional fees will be applied if you run a little bit late.

Differently, if you plan to have your ceremony in the most dramatic and beautiful area with a unique backdrop, it will take 15 minutes to walk from the end of the last cable car station up in the mountain.
Therefore the total trip from the departure of the first cable car at Ortisei to the most panoramic point for your ceremony will take approximately 30 minutes.

A couple on the Seceda cable car after the wedding
A couple sitting on a meadow in the dolomites

You must take into account that you have to reach the parking lot of Seceda in Ortisei but not later than 10 am because in the high season there are a lot of chances you would not find a spot for your car.

Once you have parked your car and collected the ticket, you will use to pay for it, and you can now go to purchase the ticket before jumping in the first of the two cable cars.

You can also purchase a ticket online and use the QR code to access the cable car for the roundtrip.

If you are a couple planning to have your elopement, wedding, or shooting up there, it would be wise to bring a jacket with you since you will reach approximately 2.500 meters from sea level.

A wedding celebrant preparing his speech during a wedding on Seceda

Please note that not all the terrains are accessible; some are private, and others are exclusively for climbers and alpinists.

Then it depends on how much crazy you are!

Of course, if you are planning a wedding ceremony on Seceda, you will need a strict timeline unless your wedding reception is held in one of the most beautiful venues in the area.

If it is about only the two of you with the photographer, you can even try to go with regular shoes at your own risk, but if you have guests with you, it is strongly advisable to advise them to wear trekking shoes since slipping on the rocks is something we have seen many times! 

So pay attention to that!

Another thing to consider is that many tourists target Seceda due to the images that the social media have spread so far; therefore, you should take the first cable car in the early morning, which generally is at 08:30 am. Please note that this timing may change depending on the season and local policy of the Mayor.

Please note that Seceda may snow even in summer, so you should be prepared for any scenario.

Your wedding planner on Seceda can certainly advise you on the most reliable forecast, the timeline of the wedding day, adequate equipment, permissions to obtain for the terrains’ accessibility, best wedding venues on Seceda, the timing of the cable car, cost of the parking lot and cable car, the entire logistics with a private company, and many other services only a local wedding planner in the Dolomites can offer. 

A newlywed couple kissing each other on Seceda after a wedding ceremony.