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Real Weddings and Elopements

We can’t manage to hide our passion for rustic-wild and intimate Weddings in Italy.

We love Umbria and Tuscany‘s countryside, the fresh air and scents scattered in the South Tyrol forests, the overhanging villas hidden among the rocks on the Amalfi coast and in Sorrento, the spectral beauty of Lake Como.

You will have so much fun in organizing excursions on the mountains for your guests, or enjoying “how to make pizza party,” wine tasting sessions, and many other folkloristic experiences.

We really want to share with you the joy and peace our destinations can give.

Together with you, we will do our job at best to make you happy; that’s what we want.

If we get paid, but you don’t smile, then we have failed and lost the unique chance to realize what you really deserve, and we can’t afford to make this happen!

If you’re planning to get married in Italy, we are sure you’re a refined and creative person.
We will be happy to listen to your ideas. We will give life to your imagination, advising you on the best options in the entire Italian territory.

And for those who love Elopement, we are ready to do crazy things to realize it: what about going on a mountain peak rather than going on an unreachable place on the coastline cliff?

Just meet us, and make yourself at home. Italy is not a foreign country anymore

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