Wedding Planner on Lake Como

Lake como terrace during a wedding

Wedding Planner on Lake Como, distinctive elegance is not an option.

Lake Como is the encounter between the lake’s wild nature and the elegance of villas’ linearity and elegance on the lake’s shores.
With the geographical position and its mild climate, you can plan events and weddings from March to November.
Furthermore, Lake Como is located one hour from Milan, a city that offers countless attractions for newlyweds and guests. The destination wedding is an opportunity to experience the host country’s locations, a bit as if it were a small holiday.

A variety of enchanting places for celebrating your civil, religious, or symbolic wedding in one of the characteristic historical villages such as Bellagio, Varenna, Laglio, Cernobbio, and many Others.
As a wedding planner on Lake Como, we can only show you the most elegant and refined locations rich in history and culture where you and your guests can enjoy the beauty that only Lake Como can offer.

Villa Balbianello

Is the most charming Villa on Lake Como, it stands out on a promontory from which it is possible to admire the whole lake.
Villa Balbianello, a treasure of elegant beauty, is located on top of a terraced garden where winding avenues that embrace the alternating visitor statue a wisteria and a large pruned plane trees “a candelabra.”

Going up, there are large green carpets bordered by box and laurel hedges and in the park specimens of holm oaks, camphor, magnolias, and cypresses, as well as azalea and rhododendron bushes. About its origins, it is an architectural complex built towards the end of the 1700s at the behest of Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini and was built on the remains of a Franciscan convent. The facade of the Ancient Church remains.

We find the Villa, the Loggia, the Library, the Primitive Room, the Shipping Museum, and the magnificent park-garden.
Over the centuries, there have been several owners who have been lucky enough to enjoy this jewel. The last, Count Guido Monzino, the restaurant, the building, and the adjoining garden, enriching the Villa rooms with English and French furniture, works of art, and relics of his expeditions to the North Pole and Everest.

By the will of the count, the Villa became a heritage of the FAI, the Italian Environment Fund, on his death. The beauty and wonder of the Balbianello, which can also be accessed via the lake, were the key that prompted many Hollywood directors to set famous sagas here, such as those of Star Wars and 007.

Villa Balbianello

Villa Balbiano

In the old village of Ossuccio, overlooking Lake Como, surrounded by a centuries-old park with indoor and outdoor swimming pool, stands Villa Balbiano. The historic home of immeasurable charm for lovers of luxury events.
Villa Balbiano is an exceptional historical palace that once belonged to the famous Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio and used it as his own house.
A century later, the Villa was used to host a gallant and frivolous society where parties, banquets, and dances followed one another without stopping. Since then, each successive owner has only increased the splendor of the Villa.

Today, Villa Balbiano is the largest private residence on the lake, with a large and sumptuous garden, which stands out in the “British Society of Garden Designers,” outdoor swimming pool, private dock, and boathouse. Inside, its historic interiors have been filled with incredible art and furniture from past centuries, from Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Spectacular seventeenth-century frescoes painted by the Recchi brothers and Agostino Silva still decorate the walls, uncontaminated by time.

With its illustrious past, an unparalleled mix of artificial and natural beauty, Villa Balbiano is one of Lake Como’s most glamorous places.

Villa Erba

In Cernobbio, Villa Erba is a luxurious Mannerist style residence that fascinates its early 20th century rooms, the elegant interior décor, and the wonderful English garden overlooking Lake Como.
The Villa is known for hosting the great Italian director Luchino Visconti in his joyful childhood and had the opportunity to host friends such as Franco Zeffirelli and Alain Delon. 

The Villa also hosted the cast of Steven Soderbergh’s film ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ in 2004. John Turturro and Emily Watson again fell in love in the park of Villa Erba in the movie “The Game – The Defense of Luzhin” (2001) by Marleen Gorris.
Villa Erba now houses the Museum of Luchino Visconti’s Rooms.
Part of the property is also a green area overlooking the lake that once served as a gallop.
Often chosen for weddings, corporate events, or major trade fairs, it is open to the public only on the occasion of trade fairs or cultural days.

Villa Erba

Villa del Grumello

The seventeenth-century Villa del Grumello overlooks Lake Como’s first basin, a few steps from the city center, and is set in a centuries-old park of great naturalistic value and unique landscape.
The refinement of its rooms and the enchanting view make it historically one of the privileged residences on the banks of the Lario of well-known families – the Odescalchi, then the Giovio and from the second half of the 19th century the Celesia – who hosted illustrious personalities including Vincenzo Monti, Alessandro Volta, and Ugo Foscolo.

Villa del Grumello

Villa Sola Cabiati

Villa Sola Cabiati is one of Lake Como’s most famous historical villas. With its well-kept Italian garden, it offers a venue for special events of great elegance.
The Villa has preserved its treasures intact over time: the Italian arabesque garden, the gate with golden friezes and mythological statues, the baroque decorations of the facade, the centuries-old park, and the frescoes of the Tiepolesque school that decorate the rooms are the almost magical setting in which to live an exceptional experience.
A careful and scrupulous conservative restoration has transformed the family rooms into six suites.
Guests will be professionally and discreetly looked after by a staff consisting of the housekeeper, chef, butler, and maid. Still, it is also available for gala events, dinners, breakfasts, photographic or cinematographic services, weddings.
The Villa is equipped with internal parking, a swimming pool with cottage and solarium, a helipad, and a private berth at the pier a few meters away.

Villa Sola Cabiati

Villa D’Este

Villa d’Este, a charming hotel among the most celebrated in the world. For centuries, the European aristocracy’s home is now an elegant five-star resort equipped with state-of-the-art hospitality facilities.
Villa d’Este is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful works of architectural art of the sixteenth century.

Designed by Pellegrino Pellegrini, known as “Il Tibaldi,” a famous architect of the time, the Villa is surrounded by a park with centenary plants to admire the Nymphaeum of Pellegrino Pellegrini, the Fountain of Hercules, and the Temple of Telemachus. In its halls, you can respect fascinating works of art, including some from the French school, others from the Canova school, and decorations by Andrea Appiani.
Since 1873 Villa d’Este has been considered the destination par excellence for Summits and Events of international significance.

The timeless location, surrounded by Lake Como’s beauty, is a combination of ancient charm and modernity.
By visiting Villa d’Este means you will immerse yourself in a dimension of luxury, characterized by classic perfection and unrivaled privacy. Going through its entrance gate is equivalent to entering an exclusive oasis with no equal in the world.

Villa D'Este Cernobbio

Villa Carlotta

Over three hundred years of outstanding collecting characterize the history of Villa Carlotta, where art tells about nature in a landscape of great charm.

Overlooking Lake Como’s shores, the Villa was built at the end of the seventeenth century by the Marquis Clerici of Milan. In 1801 the property passed to Giovanni Battista Sommariva, at the time president of the Government Committee of the Cisalpine Republic (1797-1802) established by Napoleon Bonaparte in northern Italy.
During his dazzling political career, the vast wealth accumulated by Sommariva allowed him to cultivate his immense passion for the arts, particularly for sculpture. The acquisitions of works by Antonio Canova and Berthel Thorvaldsen are due to him.

Villa Pliniana

Hotel Villa Pliniana, owned by Sereno Hotels, is a splendid 16th-century Italian palazzo located on 18 acres facing the legendary Lake Como. The private estate of Villa Pliniana has 10-17 bedrooms, a private dock, helicopter landing pad, spa, extensive gardens, and Hotel Sereno services.
With the backdrop of Lake Como, lush gardens, gorgeous, spacious ballrooms idea to host big events, and 17 suites that can accommodate around 33 people, the Villa stands as one of the most luxurious wedding locations in Italy.
Villa Pliniana offers an unprecedented blend of heritage and splendor, world-renowned cuisine, and exceptional service, creating an unparalleled experience from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations. Indeed, it is not easy to organize a destination wedding in Italy.

Villa Pliniana
Villa Pliniana with waterfall on the backdrop.

As your wedding planner on Lake Como, we will be happy to provide you all the information you need to plan your wedding on this stunning lake. If you need to know more about logistic aspects, accommodation for your guests, costs of the catering, photographer, videographer, drone, florist, musicians, DJ, boat trips and fireworks, civil ceremony and regulation during the pandemic, please feel free to send us a free inquiry.