Lagoon in Venice

In this article we will help you to locate the best wedding venues in Venice and how to gel legally married in Venice.

Venice will be able to amaze you with secret corners and sections of daily life, lost rhythms and anti-modern suggestions, explosions of joie de vivre, and moments of remarkable authenticity. But, of course, knowing how to listen and arm yourself with patience and accept not to find everything on the first try. 

For this reason, in a city, so complex for the logistics and the number of people who visit it, it is a good thing to rely on Wedding Planner in Venice.

Those who want their destination wedding in Venice are certainly lovers of Italy, history, the physiognomy of the territory, and the waters. The latter is undoubtedly the distinctive feature that this city has compared to the whole world.

Venice, to manage the transfers of your guests and all the activity of the suppliers who will also request a contribution to the success of your event.

Often, however, we focus too much on Venice, forgetting that in the vicinity, on the water, there are beautiful islands such as Murano, Burano, and Torcello. We will talk more about it in our blog.

As you probably already know, during the photoshoot for your wedding in Venice, many of the wedding photos probably as a background, a bridge, a canal, a view of the lagoon.

Venice is a city known and loved all over the world, and therefore you will not be surprised if on your wedding day, while walking through the town, you meet people who will compliment you and stop to congratulate you.

Therefore, for privacy lovers, perhaps it is best to avoid the city walking tour. Your wedding planner in Venice will offer you a different solution.

Getting married in Venice is a choice of charm, and it is also a commitment. And like any destination wedding in Italy, it is a gift you give to yourself and your guests to make them feel immersed in a unique experience.

But keep in mind the movements; they are not easy to organize in a city like this. Therefore, it is undoubtedly wise to rely on a wedding planner for all organizational and logistical aspects.

This type of reasoning certainly includes the choice of hotels where your guests can stay.

There will be many of them who will want to take a gondola ride, and how are we going to keep them?

View of the Venice's Lagoon during a wedding of foreigners in Italy

In Venice, it is possible to organize your civil ceremony with legal value or your symbolic ceremony such as Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, other religious denominations.

Every wedding organized in Venice brings with it the pathos and emotion of the city, which, like an open-air theater, hosts this sacred moment in all its beauty.

The architectural spaces and the streets will make your wedding a spectacular and unforgettable event.

In the case of a civil ceremony, the Municipality of Venice provides Palazzo Cavalli, from the historic Renaissance, to celebrate your civil wedding in Venice.

It is possible to choose other beautiful historic buildings of the city’s most romantic city, such as the Strucchi room of Ca ‘Farsetti, the council room of Ca’ Loredan, or the Cuoi d’Oro room of Ca ‘Vendramin.

Regarding Catholic marriage in Venice, list a procedure we have already told you about Catholic marriage in Italy.

The most beautiful churches in Venice

There are so many churches in Venice, not counting those that have been destroyed: an actual occupation of the city by these sacred buildings, which, however, also leaves room for other cults. Thus, for example, the Orthodox Church of San Giorgio is located in the castle. At the same time, a few steps from the Basilica of San Marco stands the small church of Santa Croce degli Armeni with baroque interiors. Therefore, the churches of Venice are a kind of widespread museum in which to research the 1000 forms of devotion.

Almost all the churches in Venice have at least one side leaning against another building, as if they were jewels, sometimes truly spectacular, set in bizarre and complex frames. This is the case of San Giovanni Crisostomo, a quiet and dimly lit oasis in the continuous comings and goings of the street which leads from the Rialto to the railway station, or to San Salvador which overlooks the campo of the same name on one side, but on the other has a hidden portal in a calle. The first is a small holy casket; the second tells excellent stories and houses the tomb of Caterina Cornaro, queen of Cyprus.

Furthermore, the Basilica della Salute, the Church of the Gesuati, and the Santa Maria dei Miracoli cannot be forgotten.

Best wedding venues in Venice

Belmond Cipriani hotel

A historic hotel that lends itself to a luxury ceremony is the Hotel Belmond Cipriani, where the Granaries of the Republic lend themselves to the scene of original and refined weddings. Sophisticated and out of the ordinary, the contrast of the exposed bricks with the Murano glass chandeliers is the touch that characterizes this location.

Cipriani Terrace Breakfast at Cipriani Hotel Suite at Cipriani Hotel in Venice

St. Regis Venice

For elegant weddings always inspired by an aesthetic of luxury, one cannot mention the St. Regis Venice, which has a terrace overlooking the lagoon and its most prestigious canal.



Luna Baglioni Hotel

Probably the most evocative of the city, its breathtaking terrace overlooks the Island of San Giorgio. Another deck, on the other hand, that allows you to have a spectacular view is that of the Island of San Servolo: in the summer, at sunset, it will offer you breathtaking scenery.

Luna Baglioni hotel Terrace


Gritti Palace Hotel

A 15th-century palace, the private residence of noble families and illustrious visitors, and a luxury hotel since 1895, the Gritti Palace is where history and culture meet the renewed Venetian style. A place of exceptional art and elegance has always been the place where multiple generations of elite influencers come together to socialize and share The sparkling Murano glass chandeliers, the precious wood modeled by local artisans hundreds of years ago, the finely colored brocade, and the refined hand-polished marble are just some of the jewels inside the Palazzo. The redesigned suites with artistic elegance evoke the intimacy of a noble private residence and offer a real distinctive experience that uniquely captures the palace’s heritage and the city’s cultural and artistic roots. The wonderful terrace of the hotel is the perfect place for a wedding reception in Venice. The structure and internal catering can serve up to 80 people.

Gritti Hotel Dock

Gritti hotel's restaurant

Hotel Danieli

Located on the Riva degli Schiavoni, Hotel Danieli dominates the Venetian lagoon over the Grand Canal and the islands with spectacular views. The hotel overlooks the Doge’s Palace and is within walking distance of the Ponte Dei Sospiri and Piazza San Marco. The three buildings of the hotel date back to the 14th, 17th, and 19th centuries: Palazzo Dandolo in Venetian Gothic style, once a residence, and Palazzo Danieli Excelsior, with balconies overlooking the lagoon.

The palaces house a rich collection of precious works of art and antiques that bear witness to the city’s history, combined with contemporary comforts to meet the needs of educated global travelers. Fundamental to the Danieli experience is his Ristorante Terrazza Danieli and the kitchen concept, a magical journey of the senses that traces the oriental influences of the spice traders and blends them with the ingredients of the lagoon. Private wedding reception for up to 40 guests enjoy a splendid view of the Doge’s Palace from the Sala Ducale. During the hottest months of the year, wedding receptions for up to 140 people can be hosted on the panoramic terrace of the Terrazza Danieli Restaurant.

The Renaissance-style Marco Polo rooms on the ground floor of Palazzo Danieli Excelsior are perfect for wedding receptions for up to 180 guests. In addition, a dance floor with live music can be set up in the adjacent foyer.

Foyer of Hotel Danieli in Venice

Terrace of Hotel Danieli in Venice

San Clemente Palace Hotel.

The San Clemente Palac is built on a private island called San Clemente, just 10 minutes from St. Mark’s Square, and can be reached by one of the hotel’s free boats. The experience at the San Clemente Palace Hotel is really for privacy considering that the island where it is located in private and not accessible by public transport: only the hotel boats, the water taxi, or those who love transfer services private individuals can access this charming retreat.

Unlike many locals, the island’s enclave is quiet and secluded, a hidden gem in the heart of the lagoon just a few steps from Piazza San Marco.

From rehearsal dinners to romantic ceremonies to jubilant receptions, each palace wedding celebration at San Clemente Kempinski is accented with authentic Venetian flair and delivered with uncompromising sophistication.

San Clemente Island, view from top.

Garden of San Clemente Hotel in Venice.

The lobby inside hotel San Clemente in Venice

How to get legally married in Venice

Suppose you are planning a civil ceremony for a legal marriage in the town of Venice. In that case, you should keep an eye on the following tips.

First of all, check availability and book your date. Then, you need to fill the online contact form provided by the Municipality of Venice at the following link

In regards to the requirements to get legally married in Venice

The appointment for the celebration of the civil marriage must be agreed in advance with the civil status office. The presence of two witnesses with valid identity documents is required.

Residents spouses (even one spouse)

Marriage banns are required

Residents in other municipalities (even one spouse)

A written request is required from the Mayor of the Municipality of residence who proceeded with the marriage banns

Foreign citizens:

Citizens of Austria, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Moldova, and Luxembourg must produce the certificate of matrimonial capacity issued in the application of the Convention signed in Munich on 5 September 1980.

US and Australian citizens must produce the affidavit made respectively at the US or Australian Consulate in Italy, subsequently legalized in the Prefecture, and the deed of notoriety executed at the Italian Consulate.

All other foreign citizens must produce a declaration issued by the competent authority of their country (Embassy or Consulate in Italy) showing a nulla osta for marriage.

Civil marriage in common other than that of residence

Suppose the spouses intend to contract a civil marriage in a Municipality other than that of residence. In that case, they must produce a specific motivated request, with stamp duty, to the Mayor of the Municipality where the publications were made.

After the deadline for publications, the Mayor requests in writing (Delegation) the Registrar of the place where the marriage is to be celebrated.

Place of celebration

Civil marriage is celebrated in the Town Hall.

Due to infirmity or another impediment, one of the spouses cannot go to the Municipal House. In that case, the Registrar moves with the Secretary to where the impeded spouse is (home, hospital, prison, etc.). The presence of four witnesses proceeds to the celebration of the marriage.

Property regime

Suppose the spouses do not declare to the Registrar to choose the property regime for the separation of assets at the time of the marriage. In that case, the property regime of the “community of assets” is automatically established. The spouses with public deed (at a Notary) can, at any time, stipulate marriage agreements.


When celebrating the marriage, the spouses can also declare that they recognize any natural children born of their union.


Immediately after the celebration of the civil marriage, the Civil Status Office can issue the marriage certificates. The updated personal certificates will be available two days after the celebration of the wedding. Suppose the spouses are residents in a Municipality other than that of the celebration of the marriage. In that case, the Civil Status Officer will send a copy of the deed to the Municipality of residence.

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