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An unprecedented experience in the centre of Italy

Umbria is the only region of peninsular Italy with no landlocked sea. It borders to the north and west with Tuscany, to the east with the Marche, to the south with Lazio. The Umbrian landscape is characterized by the succession of verse hills, interrupted here and there by fertile basins. Umbria is crossed by the Tiber, where all the waterways of the regions converge. Here is also the Lake Trasimeno, the largest in peninsular Italy. Given the position of the region, far from the sea and closed between the mountains and hills, the climate has cold winters and hot summers. 

Couples who decide to live this experience in Umbria is because they have been already there. 

The charm of the the medieval fortifications, the attraction of the wild nature, the spirituality of Assisi are the keys through which to read the beauty of Umbria. A wedding planner in Umbria can surely advise you on the multiple choices where to celebrate your wedding.

For first we can’t miss to consider Perugia the capital of Umbria, it has an historical center mostly uphill, but it is a corner in which to get lost in the medieval streets admiring the corners illuminated by wrought iron lampposts where each belvedere offers beautiful panoramas.

Then we have Gubbio that is a real jewel of medieval architecture, with its palace of consuls overlooking Piazza Grande from which you can admire the splendid panorama of the valley at the foot of Monte Igino.

Spello with its walls and its defensive towers, many well preserved, part of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”.

In any case, Umbria is known for the fame of the saints of the Christian religion who found their birth there. We refer to San Francis, the founder of the Franciscan order and Saint Clare founder of the order of the Poor Clares both natives of Assisi. In this town there are, among many attractions, the Basilica of San Francesco and the famous Bosco di San Francesco where you can have different experiences. A wedding planner in Umbria will advise couples on the best solution for a catholic rite taking care of the procedure the involve the diocese of Umbria, and in particular the diocese of Assisi and Perugia.

A wedding in Assisi would be perfect for those who love simplicity, spirituality and the beauty of the medieval architecture.

In this place, more than any other, peace and quiet reign and there is an atmosphere full of mysticism, very intimate which, as such, is really difficult to tell.

However Umbria is also a beautiful region also known for being the green heart of Italy. There are in fact numerous natural attractions in the region such as: the marmore waterfall, the monte cucco park, the Lake Trasimeno.

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