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Sorrento Swimming Pool and view of the gulf

Set in a picturesque landscape, it seems a terrace made of tuff overlooks the Gulf of Naples. Sorrento is the most famous town on its coastline. Well-known as a holiday resort since ever, Sorrento stole the heart of tourists and visitors with its breathtaking views, the landscape of gardens and citrus groves, the marinas, the charming old town, impressive historical and religious architecture, the ancient tradition of inlaying and laces. Planning a destination wedding in Italy requires knowledge of the territory and traditions of the area. Among the practices in Sorrento, there is the ancient recipe of limoncello, a liqueur that derives from the infusion of lemon peels in alcohol. It is a must to taste when visiting the Sorrento peninsula.

Terrace in Sorrento's Villa

Gastronomy is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated traditions: specialties babà al limoncello, “Gnocchi alla sorrentina,” or “Ravioli” with lobster has conquered the palate of every lover of Italian food. In addition to the typical Sorrento specialties, we find all the other products of the peninsula, from the mozzarella of Agerola to the provolone del Monaco DOP, from the pasta of Gragnano to the extra virgin olive oil DOP Penisola Sorrentina and, finally, the pizza.

Villa in Sorrento with a view on the gulf
As your wedding planner in Sorrento, we will design and plan with you a real traditional elegant wedding in Sorrento. Maybe on a terrace overlooking the sea or perhaps in a Villa’s garden on an overhanging cliff over the sea.
Sorrento sea view from Villa

You may also be interested in knowing how to work with legally binding ceremonies in the town-hall of Sorrento. Well, you should know that the town-hall of Sorrento consents to the celebration of legally binding ceremonies in various suggestive areas of Sorrento. This opportunity cannot be missed!
For example:
The cloister of San Francesco (Chiostro di San Francesco) is undoubtedly one of the most requested places for weddings in Sorrento. It dates back to the 1300s, and it is not uncommon to see wedding photos on Pinterest and Instagram that portray this fantastic historical place.
• Correale di Terranova Museum (Museo Correale di Terranova) is an ancient noble residence, and it is used to celebrate a legally binding ceremony in Sorrento.

Chiostro di San Francesco - Sorrento

The costs to celebrate the civil ceremony in the town-hall of Sorrento are:
• Euro 600.00 in the event of a wedding celebrated on the morning of Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as well as on the whole day of Tuesday and Thursday;
• Euro 800.00 in the event of a wedding celebrated on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon;
• Euro 1,000.00 in the event of a wedding celebrated on Saturday

Villa Astor - Sorrento

Today, we could have simplified your web research if you’re looking for Infos regarding legal paperwork required for a civil wedding in Sorrento. Foreigner couples who wish to get married in Sorrento need to know that the town-hall will request:
valid passport, no impediments to marriage issued by the Consulate or Embassy of their state in Italy specifying: paternity and maternity, residence, citizenship, and marital status.
Please note that “Nulla Osta” must be legalized at the competent Italian Prefecture (Prefettura), except for countries adhering to the Hague Convention (5/10/1961).
If you need support about legal paperwork for a civil wedding in Sorrento or if you are eager to discover the best wedding venues in Sorrento, please contact us for a free consultation.

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