Wedding Planner in Sorrento

Wedding planner in Sorrento 

A strip of land that extends towards Capri and the Mediterranean, south of the Gulf of Naples, a succession of cliffs overlooking the sea and small pleasant bays, overlooking the enchanting blue.

This coast with its impervious terraces sloping down to the sea where orange, vines, olive and lemon trees are grown, from which, in spring, a marvelous scent of flowers rises and from whose fruits the famous limoncello is obtained.

We love working for destination wedding in Sorrento, taking care from logistics and accommodation to the creation of the theme to embellish your ceremony at best.

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Planning a destination wedding in Italy requires knowledge of the territory and traditions of the area. Among the traditions in Sorrento, there is the ancient recipe of limoncello, a liqueur that derives from the infusion of lemon peels in alcohol, and which is a must to taste when visiting the Sorrento peninsula.

Among others, gastronomy is certainly one of the most appreciated tradition: specialties babà al limoncello, gnocchi alla sorrentina or ravioli with lobster have conquered the palate of every lover of italian food. In addition to the typical Sorrento specialties, we find all the other products of the peninsula, from the mozzarella of Agerola to the provolone del Monaco DOP, from the pasta of Gragnano to the extra virgin olive oil DOP Penisola Sorrentina and, finally, the pizza.

As your wedding planner in Sorrento, we will project with you a real traditional elegant wedding in Sorrento. Maybe on a terrace overlooking the sea or maybe in a Villa’s garden overhanging the sea.