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Also known as “Le Puglie”, this region is truly a characteristic land, a place with different souls suspended between nature, history, tradition, taste and spirituality, suitable for visiting all year round.

Apulia is an enchanting region, a piece of land that moves inside the sea with wonderful beaches to show; from the sandy Torre dell’Orso and Porto Cesario to the rivieras made of rocks in Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca, where the Ionian and the Adriatic meet and mix.
The possibilities for sea lovers are manifold: from Gallipoli called the Gem of Salento to the Gargano so-called “Spur of Italy”.
Nature is still the protagonist, in Apulia, with the Murge National Park and that of the Gargano with the wild Umbra Forest, the salt marshes and the lakes. Do not forget also the marine reserve of Torre Guaceto, the deep ravines of Laterza and the large sinkholes of Altamura which, with their suggestive landscapes, characterize the internal part of the region.

For lovers of travel in culture and history, Apulia has places that narrate the ancient origins of human settlements in this land: from prehistory to Magna Grecia, from the imperial age to the Renaissance, to the glories of the Baroque of Lecce and Salento.
The famous “Trulli” offer a suggestive testimony of the rural past of the region while numerous castles embellish the southern coasts, in memory of a time when goods and dangers came from the sea.

For those interested in learning about traditions such as popular music, however, can not help but participate in the countless country festivals and festivals that are very frequent in many countries in the region in the summer.

Couples who seek a wedding planner in Apulia need certainly a professional presence on site who can guide them through this uncommon destination wedding in italy.

Arranging a destination wedding in Apulia requires an aware planning and a deep knowledge of the local habits as this area is not really familiar with wedding tourism. It is not that easy to find venues that are prepared to host a destination wedding here. Only a professional wedding planner who knows well the territory will be able to guide you.

We carefully coordinate all the details of your reception and ceremony and will work stably in Apulia for you. We want you to create with us the perfect texture for your destination wedding so that you and your guests can live an unforgettable event.

As your dedicated wedding planner in Apulia, we will be involved in several procesess, we will make sure that all the details will match with your requests. Rely on us, we can make you believe that your dreams come true giving life to a tailor-made wedding in this amazing region.

Our wedding day consulting service will support you coordinating all vendors and suppliers involved, assisting guests, solving unexpected issues and handling all the small requests that require attention.

As you may know, we also plan weddings in Apulia in the most stunning location in Italy such as Tuscany, Umbria, Liguria, Rome, Assisi and the Amalfi Coast.

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