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What transformed the cultural roots of the city of Merano is certainly the presence of Princess Sissi, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, a mysterious and fascinating character that seemed to have a complex personality.

Duchess of the Kingdom of Bavaria, she later became Empress of Austria following her marriage to Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria.

The story of his life has been narrated by several celebrated movies such as the Trilogy directed by Ernst Marischka.

On October 16, 1870, Sissi, in the company of her daughters Gisela and Marie Valerie, arrived for the first time in Merano and settled in Trauttmansdorff Castle to live there during the winter months.

A few weeks later the Vienna’s newspapers wrote how the health of her daughter Marie Valerie was improving thanks to the mild and healthy climate of the town.

From that moment on Merano earned the reputation of being the town of health care.
The Empress Sissi returned at least 4 times to Trauttmansdorff Castle in Merano.

The empress loved to walk for hours, surrounded by nature and far from the court’s worldliness.

Countless times he walked the paths of the gardens of Trauttmansdorff and often ventured to Merano and surroundings.

Thus was born “the path of Sissi,” ay that connects his castle to the city. Would you also like to experience this path?

What characterizes Merano compared to other towns in South Tyrol is the architecture with its elegant and stately buildings, villas, and castles.

And last but not least, the thermal baths of Merano. The vocation for the well-being of this area finds its maximum expression in the spa.

Designed by the architect Matteo Thun, they are a real pearl: the rooms have been designed in the smallest details. Entering these environments, you can experience total relaxation thanks to the beauty and architectural care and to the respect to the culture of relaxation of the body and mind (in the spa area, for example, you will hardly hear anyone speaking aloud, yet we are in Italy!

How is it possible?

Regarding the beauty of Merano, it can be safely said that the architectural tradition of South Tyrol has been affected by the Princess Sissi’s presence by changing the characteristics of the typical Tyrolean houses into stately homes. Just think, for example, at the Kurhaus, and to its liberty style.

Facade of the Kurhaus in Merano.
Teatro Civico Puccini in Merano

We still have many Infos to share about Merano, and so… why are you looking for a wedding planner in Merano (the so called in German hochzeitsplaner)?

Did you come here in winter to ski up in Merano 2000, or did you spend a beautiful summer over the mountains? Were you seduced by its beauty, its history, and the South Tyrolean cultural context?
Well, whatever the reason why you are looking for a wedding planner in Merano, we definitely feel the same sentiment!

Merano's street with snow
Kurhaus Merano while snowing
Kurhaus Merano street view

Our core business has been focusing more and more on events in South Tyrol, and Merano, together with other wonderful locations in the Province of Bolzano, is certainly our flagship.

Whether you were thinking of a wedding in a splendid five-star hotel in the city, in a castle perched on the mountain, in a luxury retreat, or the wonderful unique Church of San Valentino, we are here to help you out and assist you along every step.

If you’ve already fallen in love with Merano or you are evaluating a wedding in South Tyrol all you have to is to send us a free enquiry, we will be happy to advise you on the best solutions this wonderful land can offer you.