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Liguria is a thin strip of land, squeezed between sea and mountains. Its characteristic is to have five delightful seaside villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola e Riomaggiore (the so-called Cinque Terre).

These places are well known in the world for their rare beauty, in fact they are considered one of the most attractive Italian tourist destinations.

A sea with crystal clear waters, beaches and rugged coasts of unparalleled charm join a large network of paths.

The perfect place to spend a holiday immersed in nature and kissed by the sun.

In 1997 the Cinque Terre became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site

This site has been chosen for the peculiarity of its landscapes and the value created by the interaction between nature and human presence.

Seeking a wedding planner in Cinque Terre for your destination wedding is a primary task. Cinque Terre is an area not easily connected and only a professional planner is concretely able to help you to organize the logistic service for your guest from the airport of Genova to the chosen village of Cinque Terre which will see your wedding being celebrated.

Makeda as destination wedding planner in Cinque Terre will advise you on the best solution to entertain your guest in this area. Visiting the Cinque Terre means opting for a “slow” holiday, enjoying a glass of the “proud Sciacchetrà” dear to D’Annunzio, a plate of pasta with pesto or the typical farinata. While the gaze is lost in the sea, and, towards evening, in the bright call of fireflies.

Not to forget the paths for hiking as in Cinque Terre there is a dense network of paths that cover the marine side of the mountain range. For centuries the only ways of connection between the five villages with the capital town, these routes are today one of the best ways to experience the Cinque Terre.

The three main paths, all easily accessible with a minimum of training and suitable clothing, are well signposted.

As you can see we love Cinque Terre, but we want you to know that we bring our experience either in Tuscany, Umbria, AssisiApulia, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast.

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