Wedding Planner Amalfi Coast

A villa with a pool in Amalfi with a view over the gulf.

Entrust to your Wedding Planner in Amalfi the real Italian Experience!

These sumptuous Amalfi’s villas, and the their spaces nestled among the rocks have been recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, on the southern side of the Sorrento peninsula, the coast is delimited to the west by Positano and the east by Vietri sul Mare. In the middle, there are Cetara, Maiori, Minori, Ravello, Scala, Atrani, Furore, and Conca dei Marini.

But above all, Amalfi, which is the geographical and historical heart of the Coast and the ancient maritime republic, a holiday destination since the early twentieth century, when the upper-middle classes and the British aristocracy used to spend their winter there.

Provate wedding Villa in the gulf of Salerno.
Private Wedding Villa in Amalfi.

Amalfi is an incredible mixture of colors, scents, and landscapes. You will be fascinated by its clear waters and blue shadows, get lost observing the jagged rocks on the coast, get caught by the green, and the vegetation’s perfume.

Mise en place for a wedding in the Amalfi Coast

However, we suggest you consider that the Amalfi coast has a complex logistic itinerary as there are no railway stations and airports nearby.

If you’re planning a coast wedding in Italy we, as local wedding planner on the Amalfi coast, can certainly help you overcome this kind of issue.

We will provide you the necessary support: from logistic services such airport concierge and accommodation for your guests, to the management of the agreements with the selected vendors, from the design of the ceremony and reception to the coordination of the day of the wedding.

But first of all, we will inspect the venue on your behalf or together with you, and we will be with you for the food tasting session with the best catering companies to better select the menu of your wedding reception.


Civil wedding in Amalfi before the Amalfi's Mayor