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A villa with a pool in Amalfi with a view over the gulf.

Get inspired by the colors and scents of the most beautiful Italian coastline.

Amalfi Coast is a pearl of the mediterranean sea, and it looks like an impressionist painter’s masterpiece.

Here, the sweet scent of orange blossoms and lemons is in total harmony with the Mediterranean scrub’s typical aromas.

The bright colors of the majolica domes and the bougainvillea’s eye-catching ones and carnations give an evident touch of color to the typical lime-plastered houses.


Glimpse of Amalfi from the top.View of a beach in Amalfi from a cliff.

This characteristic of the place, are clinging to the offshoots of the Lattari Mountains and give the impression of falling steeply into the sea.

A vertical landscape, in which a labyrinth of stairways, streets, and alleys winds connect the coastal territory’s two characteristic elements: the mountain and the sea. An experienced wedding planner on the Amalfi coast is aware of how this area attracts elite tourism.

In Amalfi, whether you decide on a princely or frugal ceremony, the romantic setting is guaranteed.

Poised between the rocks and the sea like the village houses, the ancient Amalfi monasteries that have been transformed into luxury hotels are particularly popular with foreign couples.

The Franciscan one, renamed the Luna Convento hotel, has its own church and a panoramic suite in a Saracen tower. It is highly sought after for the wedding night.

Luna Hotel Convento view from the top.

Cloister of Luna Hotel Convento in Amalfi.

Another ideal set is the Grand hotel Convento in a complex dating back to the 13th century and featuring a private chapel, a Norman Arab cloister, and a scenic walk once reserved for Capuchin friars.

Pool in Grand Hotel Convento.

Colonnade in the Grand Hotel Convento

Then if you want to discover the best dream wedding venues in Amalfi you can contact us and ask a first free consultation!

However, in regards to catholic weddings, the more traditional alternative to the private chapels of the hotels and to the gazebos set up outdoors in villas, terraces, and gardens is the Duomo of Amalfi, a symbol and tangible memory of the golden age of Amalfi.

Interiors of Duomo of Amalfi.

Facade of Duomo of Amalfi.

Looking up from the square below with the fountain of the people, one is struck by the elegance of the religious complex with a portico of Romanesque origin, whose Arab-Norman motifs are actually the result of nineteenth-century reconstructions.

The adjacent, splendid cloister of paradise, where the wealthiest and most critical Amalfi people were buried in the past, is ideal for wedding photos. Like the staircase, the stage remains spectacular of the village and is used for every significant event.
Even in Amalfi, not everyone marries with the Catholic wedding; those who choose the civilian one can pronounce their yes in an equally important setting, the splendid Morelli hall in the municipal house.

If couple is Protestant, on the other hand. In that case, they will have to choose one of the little churches on the coast that accept to host un-folded weddings or fall back on an outdoor ceremony overlooking the sea.
A frequent proposal from a Wedding Planner in Amalfi is a symbolic place where a professional officer, friend, or parent is often present.

And what about private wedding villas in the Amalfi Coast?

Terrace of a private Villa in Amalfi.Garden of a private Villa in Amalfi.

Typical wedding venues have strict rules and very often oblige the planner and couples to hire their vendor.

Instead, having your wedding in a noncanonical wedding venue will allow you to party overnight without limits, to drink how much do you want, have your DJ or musicians performing out loud, and last but not least, have your own wedding day timeline.

You will have no-one telling you when your ceremony has to start, and which will be your menu during your wedding!!!

Have you ever seen private Villas on Amalfi Coast?

These sumptuous Amalfi’s villas, and the their spaces nestled among the rocks have been recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Provate wedding Villa in the gulf of Salerno.

Private Wedding Villa in Amalfi.

These sumptuous Amalfi’s villas, and the their spaces nestled among the rocks have been recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, on the southern side of the Sorrento peninsula, the coast is delimited to the west by Positano and the east by Vietri sul Mare. 

In the middle, there are Cetara, Maiori, Minori, Ravello, Scala, Atrani, Furore, and Conca dei Marini.

But above all, Amalfi, which is the geographical and historical heart of the Coast and the ancient maritime republic, a holiday destination since the early twentieth century, when the upper-middle classes and the British aristocracy used to spend their winter there.

Amalfi is an incredible mixture of colors, scents, and landscapes. You will be fascinated by its clear waters and blue shadows, get lost observing the jagged rocks on the coast, get caught by the green, and the vegetation’s perfume.

Mise en place for a wedding in the Amalfi Coast

However, we suggest you consider that the Amalfi coast has a complex logistic itinerary as there are no railway stations and airports nearby.

If you’re planning a coast wedding in Italy we, as local wedding planner on the Amalfi coast, can certainly help you overcome this kind of issue.

We will provide you the necessary support: from logistic services such airport concierge and accommodation for your guests, to the management of the agreements with the selected vendors, from the design of the ceremony and reception to the coordination of the day of the wedding.

But first of all, we will inspect the venue on your behalf or together with you, and we will be with you for the food tasting session with the best catering companies to better select the menu of your wedding reception.

Civil wedding in Amalfi before the Amalfi's Mayor

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