Useful tips for foreigners

It happens very frequently that foreign couples begin looking for wedding packages while they’re planning their destination wedding in Italy. This happens mostly because they have no time to evaluate complex quotes or just because a package guarantees that somehow they will save more money.

There are wedding planners in italy (who quite often are not Italian) who provide these simplified services in order to speed the planning and book everything with a quick exchange of emails.

We understand this need, but we personally think that a marriage is once in a lifetime. We love our job and we dedicate time to understand who we are working for in order to create something they really deserve. We think that there is no sense to tell to our couples that flowers for their wedding will cost X, because maybe they don’t need that kind of composition at all, or maybe they simply need other things instead of flowers. Maybe something more sophisticated, maybe nothing.

Therefore a package is certainly something that facilitates the comprehension of the budget capacity but don’t give you the concrete response to your real needs.

What we do in order to facilitate couples who want to marry in Italy is to formulate quotes of the vendors we trust more, and then elaborate the precise service and prices that better suits couple’s needs.

So our advice is to dedicate time to discuss with your wedding planner what you really need, because if you entrust too much on “packages” the risk is to receive higher prices and overabundant services.

If you’re planning to wed in Italy is because you’ve taste for the beauty and romantic scenarios. It is worth to discuss details with your wedding planner in regards to who will be the vendor that better suits you in terms of quality and budget.

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