Wedding in Venice, hints and tips!

Venice is a magical city, beautiful without time: if you dream of organizing your wedding in Venice, you must be aware of choosing a place that lives of wonder and enchantment.

Venice, however, also requires a large logistics organization to manage people’s movement and all the materials that will give uniqueness to your wedding. For this reason, it is essential to entrust your wedding to a destination wedding planner in Italy.

Wedding in Venice at JW Marriot

Getting married in Venice is a choice of charm. It is a commitment and a gift that you make to yourself and your guests: to make them feel really immersed in a unique experience, you have to think above all about their travels, comfort, choice of hotels more suitable and means of travel (from the classic gondolas to other boats).

If you are happy, our advice as wedding planner in Venice is to come and spend a few days in Venice.

You can organize a short tour in the most romantic city in the world and take some pictures for your Save the Date, in this way you could live in close contact with the city and understand if it is really the perfect venue for your wedding. In addition to Venice’s city, even the islands like Murano, Burano, and Torcello can reserve unexpected scenarios and locations of pure poetry.

A bride getting on a boat in Venice

For a wedding in Venice, you do not have to fear humidity, and you should like the idea of being in a city with a thousand-year history and unique landscape: in some way, the relationship with water should not scare you. You do not have to go for a swim in the canal (absolutely not recommended!),

But to organize a wedding in Venice, you should know that some wedding photos will probably have a bridge, a canal, a view of the lagoon as a backdrop.

In the same way, you know that Venice is a city known and loved all over the world: even on your wedding day, walking through the city, you will meet people who will compliment you and stop to congratulate you. However, being your wedding planner in Venice we will prevent you to from unpredictable events.

Newlywed couple on a rooftop in Venice.