Women dressing style of the ‘20s is strongly influenced by the dictates of Coco Chanel.

Clothes of the time are characterized by straight lines, soft fabrics, very low waist, while the skirts are shorter, first to the calf and then to the knee.

The wedding dresses are often sleeveless with thin straps, in light fabrics, embellished with feathers, beads and fringes.

For the first time hairs are cut short in a bob, smooth or with defined waves.

Regarding the make-up, the eyes are highlighted by abundant black pencil while the fiery red lips stand out on the porcelain complexion.

The look of the bride is completed with the right shoes: low heel and straps go for the most.

No long dresses, tight or mermaid, the bride who wants to be inspired by the ’50s can choose a dress with a skirt strictly midi, below the knee but above the ankle.

The high and well defined waistline, and to complete, it will be opted for the classic heart bustier with bare shoulders or thin shawl hoses.

Yes to color and cute polka dots, even if white, cream and ivory are always an evergreen.

Veil yes, but short, otherwise you will opt for a hat with veil.

Among the accessories that cannot be absent for a glamorous look inspired by the ‘50s we find long gloves in satin.
The shoes will be in high heels, but not vertiginous! If you really cannot resist, the colored ballerinas will be fine.

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