Where souls merge in a symbiosis.

In the Vigilius Mountain Resort, you will find an ancient peace, a beautiful story lived for a century and hasn’t changed today. The funicular railway is still the only way to get to the Vigilius Mountain Resort. Cradled by a slight hum, the cabin travels in just seven minutes to bring you up to 1200 meters above sea level. Once you’re up there, you will receive your welcome in a place entirely in harmony with nature’s rhythm. No engines, no asphalt, no parking, only peace and silence to catch your senses, with the fresh and resinous aroma of the larch trees slightly moved by the breeze.

It is undoubtedly for this reason that Vigilius mountain resort is required so often for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Peace and nature, isolation and freedom open new worlds in which large spaces open up for the most intense feelings, for the most profound bonds, and the purest “Joie de vivre” to best inaugurate a future together.

Also, a unique jewel, and at the same time, the emblem of Monte San Vigilio is the pretty little church on top of the mountain. For more than a thousand years, it has stood on this picturesque hill resisting wind and bad weather, and in more recent years, more and more couples have chosen to pronounce the fateful “yes” in this extraordinary place.

And after the ceremony, the Vigilius Mountain Resort has been waiting for them to celebrate the most joyful event of their life thanks to the owners’ warm hospitality and the staff expertise in the “haute cuisine.” For those who wish a symbolic ceremony, the Vigilius Mountain Resort will prepare the perfect setting for you; in the warmer months, it is even possible to host the celebration outdoors in the “Paradiso garden.”

A cuddle for your guests after the wedding ceremony could be the comfortable and traditional Stube Ida. It evokes this place; the decorated tiled stove has heated the old hotel of Monte San Vigilio in the pleasant winter evenings. In the same way, the cuisine refers to the beloved South Tyrolean gastronomic traditions, presenting itself robust and homemade but equally oriented to the lightness of modern gastronomy.

The entire hotel can be reserved exclusively. The open spaces of the Vigilius do not set limits to the organization of the reception. An aperitif by the pool, the wedding banquet “Al di Sopra delle nuvole” in the “1500” Restaurant and partying staying up late in the Piazza Lounge will be possible, and last but not least: the bridal suite, as well as 40 other rooms and suites for family and friends.

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