Between the green of the hills, the blue of the rivers and the sky, the colors of art and feelings, your big day could not have a better frame than Tuscany.

Fortunately for us romantics, the Renaissance lives on in Italy, most specifically in Tuscany, where the buildings have aged gracefully and more beautifully than ever.

Villas and castles abound, some dating back to the Middle Ages.

The Italians take enormous pride in their legacy and go to great lengths to preserve and maintain their towns and countryside which look much like they did 800 years ago.

There is no other land in the world full of art and culture like Tuscany.

From Dante and Collodi, passing through Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, being in Tuscany is like touching an ancient world with a hand.

Have you ever thought about having a photo shoot in the streets of Florence? Or of Lucca? Or some small hill village? A daydream…

Well…the Tuscany region offers a great choice for an unforgettable wedding.

A seaside wedding at sunset, a private wedding in the garden of a farm or of an Estate, a wedding in a church or on a terrace overlooking the lake, or in a romantic chapel, or rather in an antique cloister in Florence?

No other words to describe it…

Discover the best wedding landscape of Tuscany


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