Discover the beauty of the gulf of Sorrento and culinary tradition of Naples!

Today we want to deepen the theme of the best wedding venues in Sorrento, which is one of the most sought-after query in the Italian destination wedding scenario.

As local wedding planner in Sorrento, we are happy to suggest you some of the best venues for your destination wedding in Sorrento.

Let’s see a brief presentation of each one of them.

Bellevue Syrene

Elegant Living room inside hotel Bellevue
Terrace with a view on the sea over the hotel Bellevue

A five-star hotel overlooking the sea, with terraces overlooking the majestic Gulf of Naples and the Vesuvio in the background: among the most renowned hotels in Sorrento, the Bellevue Syrene is the ideal place for a wedding of charm and refinement.

The fish ponds and the nymphaeums testify to the presence of the Romans.

In this gem set between rock and sea, so fascinating to be chosen, the legend tells it has been a dwelling place for the Sirens.

An ancient patrician residence, which later became a private villa and charming home, the 5-star Bellevue Syrene Hotel in Sorrento offers modern hospitality that has its roots in a tradition of conquered writers, artists, and heads of state.

Villa Angelina

Wedding reception in Villa Angelina
View of Villa Angelina from the above.

Villa Angelina is the most precious stone in a splendid estate recently restored, and it is returning to the ancient splendor.

The elegant Victorian building of Villa Angelina, which dominates the entire peninsula of Capo di Massa overlooks one of the most evocative points of the Sorrento coast: the landscape background of this idyllic site causes insatiable emotions that remain indelibly impressed in the mind of those who get there.

The external area forms a natural “Cavea,” in which a Roman column, found in Hercules’ underlying temple, looms.

The wide-open spaces that surround the Villa give life to the ideal scenario to host unforgettable weddings.

Villa Eliana

Wedding reception in Villa Eliana.
Swimming pool in Villa Eliana

Villa Eliana is a house of unmistakable beauty, ideal for the organization of outdoor weddings and receptions.

At Villa Eliana, you can fully enjoy the evocative natural atmosphere that makes every event unique.

The view of the islands of Capri and Ischia and the Gulf of Naples, the contemporary architecture, and the design give serenity and reconcile the senses ensuring the perfect setting for a wedding in Sorrento.

Lush park, sophisticated architecture, large terraces enriched by a large infinity pool are all unique characteristics of Villa Eliana. And, to complete the work of art, a breathtaking sunset spreads its golden-red light on the sea of the Gulf of Naples, on Vesuvio, and its seductive islands.

Excelsior Vittoria

Rétro furniture inside a room in hotel excelsior vittoria
swimming pool in hotel excelsior vittoria

The Excelsior Vittoria is an award-winning 5-star luxury hotel in the heart of Sorrento.

Located in a unique position, overlooking the Gulf of Naples, the Excelsior Vittoria is an unreachable and highly sought-after class hotel thanks to the elegant Sala Vittoria, a prestigious venue for intimate and refined wedding ceremonies.

It has large windows overlooking the sea, parquet flooring, and a magnificent vaulted ceiling decorated with splendid frescoes.

Also available to the spouses is the elegant Royale terrace, overlooking the Gulf of Naples; moreover, everything is embellished with the lights of dozens of lanterns positioned along the route for night ceremonies.

Imperial Hotel Tramontano

sitting room in the imperial hotel tramontano

The Imperial Hotel Tramontano, with its location on one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in the Gulf of Naples, has fueled the romantic culture of the picturesque and the sublime in the landscape image of travelers who visited Sorrento in the nineteenth century. The oldest wing dates back to
XVI century, the design of its architecture represents the most widespread and famous image of Sorrento.

The spectacular scenery of the Gulf that can be enjoyed from its terraces and for the magic and history of this ancient residence that welcomes its guests putting them at ease in a frame of serenity.