Wedding planning & design

- We will take care of your ceremony and reception recruiting the best vendors and suppliers present on the market in relation to your ideal budget (music ensemble, DJ, catering and sommeliers, floral designer, photographer, videographer, transportation companies, banqueting companies, etc.) and will assist you in signing single agreements with all of them.

-We will select and evaluate together the trendiest themes to embellish your ceremony and your reception.

- We will scout with you or in your behalf the best venue for your event and we will book an appointment to let you enjoy the food tasting with our catering company.

- Marianna Alessandro and their staff will be happy to be present on site the day of your wedding.

Destination wedding

- We will take care of the logistic of your guests from the chosen airport to the venue and vice versa.
- A professional staff of our concierge will welcome your guest at the airport.
- We will manage the accommodation of your guests in the hosting venue or in the hotel in the nearby.
* the “wedding planning & design service” package is included.


- We will take care of the bureaucratic procedure in order to get legally married in Italy with a valid and recognition of your marriage in your country of provenience.
We will dialogue with the foreign embassies or consulates present on the Italian territory and in the UE on your behalf.
- We will take care of the insurance for the acts of god, including losses or expenses caused by pandemics, suspension of services for strikes and public protests, closure of air spaces, adverse weather conditions, situations attributable to a third party.
*This service can be cumulated with the others package or requested separately.


- We will propose you the most enchanting places and locations to exchange your vows;
-We will take care of your accommodation and transportation from airport to the hosting venue and vice versa.
- We will recruit suppliers and vendors for the specific services you will need.
- We will organize your journey and your sojourn in Italy.
- We will create a romantic atmosphere with the perfect celebrant, good musicians and flowers that will surround you.
- We will be present on site to take care of your intimate ceremony.