wedding Umbria

Three Days Destination Wedding

We work on your budget in order to satisfy your priorities and select the best vendors concerning your expectation and capacity.We also develop a detailed wedding timeline with a detailed wedding checklist to allow you to supervise all the processes and all our activities.
You will be allowed to receive all the updates on vendors and on the planning by communicating with us through wedding software that simplifies the communication (instead of the confusing email correspondence). We assist you in the venue search all over the Italian territory offering you a wide choice of solutions (villa, castle, hamlet, retreat, luxury hotel).
We design the entire event and embellish each stage concerning the theme selected. In regards to legal aspects, we assist you in signing the agreement with each vendor checking their cancellation policy, and evaluate with you an insurance policy plan with a third party to prevent unpredictable events and consequent money loss.
We plan with you an unforgettable experience for you and your guest such as an excursion in an archeological site, in the wild nature, or an enjoying pizza lesson with a Pizza maestro or a wine tasting session with a professional sommelier. Together with you, will plan a three days wedding with starting with a rustic and cozy rehearsal dinner, and following, a sunny and joyful brunch the day after the wedding. We inspect the selected venues with you or on your behalf all over the Italian territory and book a food tasting session with our best catering company (or being hosted by the venue if applicable) to taste the best wines and local food.
Our staff will be happy to be present on-site on your wedding day, being available for up to 72 hours.

Wedding Venue in Arezzo in Tuscany among vineyards


From travel arrangements to logistics and accommodation of your guests, we assist you 24/7 on your behalf so that you can have a seamless process to be done. We will evaluate the best accommodation options to have your guests at the same venue (when its capacity allows it) and propose them other accommodation facilities in the nearby when necessary. We hire transportation companies to arrange your guests' travel from the airport to the hosting venue and vice-versa. A warm welcome at the airport will be prepared for you and your guests as our concierge will be there to assist every one of your loved ones along the trip towards your fantastic venue.
*This service can be cumulated with one of the others or purchased separately. It is included in the service "Elopement."

Civil ceremony in Italy in town hall


Our priority is to give you reasonable legal assistance and secure your wedding in case of an unpredictable event by proposing third-party products such as event insurances. We will also take care of the legal paperwork to get you legally married in Italy by booking a legally binding ceremony in the town hall selected. We handle the relationship with consulates and embassies present on the Italian territory and in the European Union to fill out all the documents required. We fulfill the procedure of your legally binding ceremony by providing the town hall selected the full documentation required. We recruit a professional interpreter for the legally binding ceremony celebrated in front of the Mayor.
*This service can be cumulated with one of the others or purchased separately.


If you're imagining an intimate, unique and exclusive moment for the two of you, this option is going to be the best one; what about an exchange of vows in the thick forest in front of a stunning lake, a ceremony upon an overhanging cliff on the coast, or in a peaceful vineyard in the countryside? These are only a few awesome options our territory can offer you. We love intimate weddings, and we believe each event, no matter the size, is meant to be a magical and refined creation. By selecting the most suitable location, projecting the event design, booking the accommodation and logistics, we will help you to realize what you have in the deep of your heart.

Tuscany Villa

Venue Search

By working throughout the Italian territory and getting also used to satisfy every extravagant need of our clientele, we gained the opportunity to get in touch with many charming venues and breathtaking locations. We will be happy to meet your request by offering you the choice of an endless quantity of venues, many of which are unknown to many. We will be happy to inspect the venue with you or on your behalf to ensure the event's safety.
*This service is included in the services "Destination Wedding" and "Elopement". It can also be purchased separately.

Wedding Day Coordination

We contact all your vendors one month before the wedding date, and we will manage them in the following days to respect all the deadlines.
We are present during the days of your event, ensuring the wedding day extravaganza is created in a way that meets all your expectations. We oversee all vendor commitments and set up, ensuring they're adequately executed and fulfilled to your standards. We work behind the scenes and closely with all vendors throughout the wedding (music, catering, photo/video, banquet manager) and greet, assist, and direct your guests to ensure a smooth transition of events and give information as needed. From the supervision of setup to through finish, our staff will be on-site for your wedding.
*This service is included in the services "Destination wedding" and "Elopement."
It can also be purchased separately.