Scouting the venue by making the right questions.

Maybe you have already chose an architectonical style, an approximate number of guests, where in the world, the potential venue, you’ve checked the availability, but you still don’t feel secure.

Below you will find some points to consider and question to make in case you have evaluated to scout the venue on your own.

First feeling

As it happens with house hunting, once you’ll be there, you will feel the atmosphere, and it is going to be like for a movie director, they feel in a second the positive emotion once they see the first actor for the first time, or the right setting to shoot a scene.

However, take your time to think about it, just walk around the venue like you were a guest.

If there is a vineyard for the entrance, a lawn for the aperitif, an elegant salon for a moment of relax, a big room with high windows, or a wide glass wall, you have to consider all these places together, evaluating them in a sequence. Yes, like a movie director.

We’re talking about windows because an important key factor will be the light.

Is there enough light? Or maybe would you need artificial light to brighten rooms?

boho atmosphere do not require so much light inside. But different is, if you want to party in the daylight.

Because if you like the natural light, what about rainy days?

In this case you have to evaluate how your wedding could be following the B plan, inside the venue, putting the right lights in a rainy day.


Is there a particular combination of colors or is there some design that inspires you for the style or the theme chosen by the both of you?

If you’re watching a naked salon, remember that when there will be people and furniture it will look different.

Another important question to make is: “Is the venue hosting more than one event in one day?”.

If yes, how your privacy is defended?


Go straight to the point with logistical questions to ask to the owner when you’ll be in the venue.

What service can they provide in the wedding rental? (Assuming they make packages).Will you be obliged to work with any of their favorite supplier such as caterer or florist?Will you be able to bring your drinks and if so, are there any fees to consider?Are there any noise and sound limitation to consider for the entertainment moments?Are there any restrictions like “No candles”, “No hanging things on walls or beams” and so on?Are there multiple and easy access to electrical outlets?

These are boring things, but it will be necessary to go deep in detail when you start thinking about the DJ or at a presentation you want to show during the wedding breakfast.

What are the access and clearance timings?

Important in particular if you have to delete everything from the venue immediately after the guests have left at midnight!

Is there a storage area to use for drinks deliveries the day before or for the storage of personal items to be collected the following day?

Is there an adequate parking for guests?

We advise you to consider the comfort of all the guests at your wedding.


Yes, you will maybe have a price guide for the rent of the location, but there may be additional costs in the budget pot.

So do not forget these questions to ask when viewing the venue.

Are there any additional costs for a night extension in case you do not want the party to end at midnight?

Or does the owner would charge you for the extra hours as he/she have to pay the staff over a certain time?

Other extras can be: security, wardrobe and cleaning services.

Therefore be sure to ask about all these.

Does the rental include VAT ?

In Italy for example the VAT for the venue’s rent is 22% and for the catering is 10%. of the fee of the caterer (that can be an external supplier).

Do not underestimate all these aspects…


Takes an abundance of photo with your phone when viewing the venue, because things are never exactly like memories.

But even images taken from google of other weddings at the same venue, been captured in different spaces at different times can be useful.

Well maybe there are many other questions that could be formulated, but each situation is connected to different circumstances.

This is a general guide to do things on your own.

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