A stunning Italian mountain wedding

Very often, Italy results in being attractive for widespread and known places like Amalfi, Tuscany, Umbria, Lakes, Cinque Terre, etc.

But what many don’t really know is that there is a beautiful area in the north of Italy that is believed to be one of the world’s best mountain areas. We are talking about the Dolomites, which have been declared “World Heritage” on the 26th of June 2009 by UNESCO.

Braies lake with the fog over the water

The term, tory well-known for being the greatest Italian skiing area, hosts a national park and eight natural parks. They are divided into the provinces of Belluno, Bolzano, Trento, Udine, Pordenone, Vicenza, and Verona.

So why thinking about a wedding on the Dolomites. What could a couple of plan in a place like this?

A typical Church in South Tyrol

It is necessary to start by saying that this area is known for its high touristic attraction.

Therefore, there are many characteristic tourist facilities, such as chalets, lodges, and luxury hotels.

Also, the area is characterized by some places where local traditions are powerful and still present.

For example, the area of South Tyrol, which before the Second World War, was part of Austria, maintains many local traditions and customs such as the spoken language (German), clothing, food, and the typical Tyrolean architecture of the so-called “Maso.”

newlywed couple after the ceremony in South Tyrol
Miramonti Hotel from the above

Speaking about South Tyrol and Dolomites, you can’t do without thinking about a mountain wedding. We know that many people love the mountains. And the trend for winter weddings is rising so fast. This area is ideal for destination weddings.

It is going to be a fairy tale experience for you and your guest. They will be fascinated by the landscapes, the ghostly villages, the food, and local wine and beer.

Newlywed couple hugging in South Tyrol over the snow

Terrace of a wedding venue in Merano
Braies lake view from the beach

Imagine exchanging your vows in front of a mountain lake or inside wood with a stunning view of the valley. Pictures speak for themselves. 

The most beautiful and well-known mountains of the dolomites are The Marmolada, “Lavaredo’s peaks,” “Pale di San Martino” and “Altopiano lunare,” Monte Pelmo, The Sciliar, Massiccio delle Tofane, Monte Cristallo, Sassongher, Monte Borgà, and Cima Tosa. ù

But there are many, many, others.

Castle in South Tyrol in Merano
Miramonti hotel, view from the inside of a room.
Stube in South Tyrol
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