Minimal Bohémien Chic Weddings

The minimal bohemian chic theme could represent the perfect option if you want your wedding day to be slightly nineteenth-century’s oriented, fused in a contemporary etiquette.

Minimal Bohémien Chic Weddings – Invitations and dresses

The invitations are the first things your guest are going to taste.

Rather than having simple black and white invitations, you can consider invitations with a marble background or even with a rustic brown paper.

Anyway just try to keep the same style for the rest of decorations in order to get everything integrated perfectly with the central chosen theme.

Avoid traditional lace dresses and choose a pure white dress with a simple and flattering silhouette.

A thin gray or dusty blue dress will look gorgeous paired with a white top. A two-piece wedding dress is a fabulous alternative to traditional wedding dress.

A simple wreath of green garland is the perfect addition to the style of your dress. And for the future husband? An elegant black tuxedo will be perfect.

Minimal Bohémien Chic Weddings – Bouquet, colours and accessories

For your bouquet keep the palette’s colors simple with an elegant arrangement of white peonies and olive foliage, all tied with a soft gray ribbon.

Your bridesmaids will be beautiful dressed in white or gray clothes. The accessories must be simple combined with a pair of delicate earrings. However do not worry, if your girls will wear white: they will not take anything away from your dress.

In fact, it’s a synchronous look!

When we think about a minimalist bohemian wedding, we image a pale gray and white: these colours would look wonderful if accompanied by a rustic green foliage. Slate gray tables and white ceramic dishes will look ultra chic and trendy.

A delicate gray ribbon tied around the cutlery and a green wreath instead of the table runner will appear slightly rustic but in a modern tone.

The ideas for a centerpiece are many: a geometric metal vase full of succulents and cactus will seem incredible. Alternatively, create a bright atmosphere by aligning tall candles in metal containers along your reception tables.

Wedding Cake

Wedding cake is often the focal point of a wedding reception. Ask your cake designer to create a masterpiece using a white frosting structured with some green sprigs. Arrange it on a rustic wooden support, completing it with a theme runner.

Final considerations:

The minimal bohemian chic in recent years has seen converging a minimalist trend to a twentieth-century romantic language, which has led to a mood often confusing, as if the term bohémien was a justification for low-cost containers and contents too casual.

Attention then to select the “scenography” of your event not simply through mere “copy and paste” or “cut and paste”, but respecting the cultural historical sense that characterized this “movement” which then became a style.

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