Beautiful hilltop villages scattered in the wedding landscape of Tuscany.

Small collections of perched buildings overlooking the vineyards or the work fields of the area.

These are called “Borgo” and they are typical in this.

A competent wedding planner in Tuscany knows well where to find these beautiful places and how to advice clients in order to accomplish the balance of logistics and aesthetic.


Originally these “Hamlets” were a cluster of stone barns and agricultural sheds, connected to each other by winding paths with a courtyard in the heart of the buildings, some with gardens often with a small Church.


These hamlets were mainly occupied by communities of farmers who dedicated themselves to work in the fields for the harvesting of grapes and olives.

These “borgos” were generally in the heart of the countryside, on top of hills surrounded by fields, vineyards and olive groves, so that the workers did not have much distance to travel to reach the fields of work or grazing.

Venue in Tuscany

The industrialization seen in Italy after the war and the decline of traditional agricultural methods led to the exodus of workers from rural areas of Italy to the cities, leaving the villages empty and unused, many of which, in fact, fell into decline.

Tuscany Castle

With the expansion of tourism throughout wedding landscape of Tuscany in the last thirty years, thanks to the investments of private Italians and foreigners, these hamlets have been “rethought” as private places dedicated mainly to hospitalityand outdoor ceremonies.

Besides, strict local heritage conservation regulations prohibit any change in the aesthetics of the villages and any external finishing must remain unchanged.


For the restoration, for example, the original materials must be reused and rigorous checks are carried out on the “new” materials used in the restoration in order to keep the design as faithful as possible to the architectural style of the historical period of the birth of the villages.

An expert wedding planner in Tuscany will propose this kind of venues to those who loves the ideal recipe (not at all obvious) for a rustic and an elegant ceremony in a stunning landscape drawn down by this local communities who have been living happy for centuries in these charming places.

Tuscany Landscape
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