Preliminary observations

Certainly this is one of the most long- awaited post in our column. 

How many couples from abroad have asked themselves, how much does a wedding planner cost in Italy?

As you can imagine, there is no single answer to the question.

A variable to be taken into consideration is to know if you will ask the wedding planner to take care of the accommodation of the guests, as well as the logistical aspects concerning the latter. Imagine how complex it can be to manage the needs of everyone about the accommodation for several days, of couples with children, families and the elderly, considering that often a single structure cannot accommodate all guests. Furthermore, each guest may have different needs regarding the duration of their stay.

As mentioned above, in fact, even logistics has a considerable weight on the coordination activity of the wedding planner.

Imagine the transfer from the airport to the place / places of the accommodation and vice versa. As well as transport from the place of accommodation to the place where the ceremony and reception will be held and vice versa.

The wedding planner in Italy will have to rely on private transport companies coordinating the logistic activity so as to obtain the punctuality that everyone needs, especially the spouses.

The variable of the number of guests that you intend to have at the ceremony and at the reception is almost taken for granted and not insignificant, we could say: the bigger the wedding, the more are the responsibilities to make sure that everything works as the spouses expect.

Another essential aspect on which it is necessary to dwell is the experience of the wedding planner in Italy.

A young event organizer could ask you € 1,500.00 all inclusive. 

A wedding planner with decades of experience could ask you from €.7,000.00 to € 10,000.

But don’t be afraid, the Latins said “In medio stat virtus“. The good is in the middle …

Our central point is: what do you expect from your wedding planner in Italy?

To deal with things you can’t manage to resolve or to design and create something magnificent and unrepeatable with the help of highly specialized professionals?

The advice is certainly to get more information as possible, perhaps asking to the wedding planner for a quote, trying wherever possible to meet him/her in person or in a video call in order to understand if there is empathy between you. This last aspect is fundamental!!!

A mere feedback e-mail, even if written in a professional and exhaustive way regarding your questions, is absolutely not enough.

Then consider the contractual aspects. For this reason. you could ask the potential wedding planner to show you a draft of the contract that you should sign in case you would decide to entrust him / her the realization of your destination wedding in Italy.

To be continued …

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