Wedding Planner in Tuscany

It is certainly not a secret: getting married in Italy is the dream of many foreign couples.


The beauty of the landscape, the appeal of art and history, the almost infinite possibility of exclusive and refined locations are irresistible calls for those who want to turn their wedding in Italy into a daydream.

But it is not only the “VIPs” who choose the “Belpaese” as the theater of their union: every year thousands of brides and grooms cross our national boundaries, bringing with them friends and relatives to celebrate their wedding in Italy. Of these, almost 60% choose Tuscany as their destination, and consequently a wedding planner in Tuscany.

In fact, Tuscany has everything that those who dream of getting married in our country look for: culture, good food, breathtaking landscapes and some of the most exclusive and romantic contexts in the world.

A professional Italian wedding planner in Tuscany will be the guide of the couple through a long evaluation of the best solutions they can have.

If a couple have always desired to exchange its promises of love with Brunelleschi’s dome in the background, sipping a welcome drink on a terrace overlooking the endless hills of Chianti, or step into the wedding march under the flowery arch of a Renaissance residence. The Tuscany solution is ready to use!

We know several enchanting places that will steal your heart, these venues have been carefully chosen by us; jewels for a special event anyone can desire for a refined ceremony selected by your wedding planner in Tuscany.

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