Wedding in Rome

Realize your dream in the “Caput Mundi”


Wedding in Rome – The Roman Empire, the barbarian invasions, the Papal State, the Renaissance, the Baroque ages, the Restoration, the Italian Risorgimento, the “fascist era”, the “dolce vita” …

These segments of history have left signs that tell stories never told; heroic legends, epic events, the great beauty, but also splendor and perdition, power and famine.

Can we summarize in few lines what the ruins of this city suggest?

Those who decide to have their wedding in Rome normally have spent time there. Things cannot be loved if we do not really know them.

Old Roman Villas, Neoclassic Villas, Classic Villas, and roof gardens are the best places you can imagine for an intimate and elegant wedding.

So… which segment of history do you want to be inspired by?

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