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Scenic winter wedding ceremony on Seiser Alm with guests seated, focusing on the couple and celebrant, against the stunning backdrop of Sassolungo and Sassopiatto, just outside a beautifully modernized traditional Dolomites' hut.

Beautiful Chalet in Alta Badia during a winter wedding.A high-end refuge in the dolomites with the light turned off and no one visible.

Swimming pool in a charming castle in the Dolomites.

A mountain chalet in the dolomites

Pool of a 5 star hotel in the dolomites

Orangerie in the Dolomites during a wedding.

Wedding in a orangeries in the Dolomites

The first step in planning a Wedding on the Dolomites?

Catch the best Wedding Venue!

One of the things couples most worry about when they contact us is locating the right wedding venue.

It’s a commonplace that couples request us to have their guests having they stay in the same venue. 

We know how important it is for you to have all your guests together during your destination wedding in Italy.

Our experience and knowledge of the Dolomites and Alps’ territory are fundamental assets we use to find a suitable solution for you and your guest after a long travel!

By working throughout the Italian mountain territory and getting used to satisfying every extravagant need of our clientele, we gained the opportunity to get in touch with many charming, cozy, and exclusive wedding venues and breathtaking locations in the AlpsSouth TyrolCortina d’Ampezzo, Val Gardena (Gröden), Alta Badia, Marmolada, Seiser Alm, ColfoscoCorvara in Badia, and many other popular locations all over the Dolomites, such as Lake Braies, Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Cadini di Misurina and Seceda.

We know that for a destination wedding in Italy, it is essential not only for a beautiful setting but the accessibility and security; hence for this purpose, we, as your local wedding planners in the Dolomites, will advise you on the best solution for your guests’ arrival and accommodation.


Experience a Wedding Dream Woven in the Heart of the Dolomites

Discover Italy’s Best-Kept Secrets for Your Special Day.

Imagine the tender moment of exchange, framed by the unparalleled beauty of Corvara in Badia.
Each sunset here sings a serenade, an ode to the eternal love you’re about to embrace.

Step onto the majestic expanses of Alpe di Siusi, where love finds a voice amidst the whispering meadows and under the embrace of endless skies. It’s nature’s very own cathedral, tailor-made for tales of undying romance.

Drift through the time-etched alleys of Merano, a town where history kisses every corner, echoing tales of love from centuries past. The blend of tradition and romance here is palpable, beckoning lovers to etch their own story into its annals.

Then, let the arresting beauty of Val Pusteria sweep you off your feet.

Its dynamic landscapes of towering peaks and gentle valleys are reminiscent of love’s highs and comforting embraces, painting panoramas that can steal one’s breath away.

And amidst these gems, lies the enchanting plateau of Renon. A place where earth and sky meet, it offers panoramic vistas, cool forests, and historic landmarks. The gentle chime of its ancient earth pyramids narrates tales of time, making it a canvas of nature’s artistry and a symbol of enduring love.

When you seek our guidance, you’re not merely looking for a venue. You’re chasing an ethereal dream of beauty, history, and passion.

Across the varied tapestry of Italy, from the pristine beauty of Corvara to the timeless tales of Renon, we craft weddings that transcend ceremonies. They become poetic experiences, etched in time. And with our expertise, your dream venue will not just be a place, but a testament to love’s boundless journey.

Wedding Ceremony in the Dolomites at Col Pradat.


Castel Fragsburg in South Tyrol.

Splendid Pool at Castle Fragsburg Maternum.

a vintage room in wedding venue in Südtirol.

What should be considered when selecting a wedding venue in the Dolomites?

1) The backup plan for you and your guests!

You know that in the Mountain the weather change quickly and it’s impossible to predict even hours before what will happen.

But one thing is sure: we are happy to teach you that.

The higher your venue is, the quicker the bad weather will disappear because of the wind and different pressure.

Therefore if you are at least 2.000 meters and your ceremony is close to starting to be sad!

Just wait 20 minutes, and the cloud will be moved soon.

Maybe it won’t be the sunniest day ever, but believe us, we have seen many magical moments.

Things can change rapidly and positively!

2) Accessibility

Many Charming Hut and Refugee are located in areas that are reachable by car but only upon permission; therefore, it’s better to discuss with your wedding planner the best route to follow before planning and committing to the venue.

There is also a venue that can be reached by car and get their supplies, and you are obliged to take one or more cable care.

And sometimes, the cable car is far from each other, and there is a trekking session to make.

This could be entertaining for your guests, but you have to evaluate that elders and kids may not feel like facing this challenge.

3) Willingness to host a wedding

If you ask any venue landlord if they want to host your wedding, they will say, “of course we do.”
But things go pretty differently in the mountains, especially in Südtirol.
If you think you will design and plan everything and have all the quote and answer you’re looking for in a reasonable time, you are far from the idea of a wedding planner in the dolomites.
Of course, we know more structured venues for events, and these kinds of issues do not occur.
But as local planners, we frequently received requests from couples that got engaged at a specific place in the mountain with a beautiful and charming hut.
Every case and every owner must be debriefed before taking a decision, and that’s why we are here to advise you on the best solution for your wedding, elopement, or civil wedding in the Dolomites.

4) Seasonality

We have a lot of couples that love winter weddings, and we understand them because we love winter weddings too!
The thing is that winter itself is a big business in the Dolomites; therefore, several venues will only host your wedding if they are full of guests who have booked the place.
Or, in the best scenario, they will rent you the venue four times the price.
This is understandable; otherwise, hosting a wedding would be a significant loss for them!
So what? What will we do in winter? No weddings?

But of course, yes! We’ll plan your wedding here!
In our wedding platform, we have all the venues with no accommodation; therefore, accommodation is not their business; therefore, they don’t care if it is summer or winter.
In conclusion, Dolomites are a particular scenario for brave hearts who love the wild nature in the cozy and refined venue designed according to the Italian-german taste.




The staff of a hut toasting during a wedding in the Dolomites

Stunning Mountain hut on Seiser alm during a wedding in the Dolomites

View of hay bales staged for a wedding in the dolomitesTraditional Südtirol stone structure with wooden walls evoking a rich historical scent.

Newlywed couple embracing at Cadini di Misurina, celebrating their wedding amidst the Dolomites' scenic beautyYoung groom, well-dressed in a pale blue jacket, lifting the bride, making her long bridal gown appear as if she's flying