Legal Wedding

civil wedding in Italy

Entrust your legally binding ceremony and your wedding to our legal experts

It happens that some of our couples desire to get legally married in Italy, and this may happen for several reason such request of residency permit, partner living in Italy, relocation or just the propensity for legal weddings.

In our team we have a planner who has been working as practicing lawyer and has many connection with professionals in this field.

Sometimes going through complex legal procedures that involve international conventions and bureaucratic procedure (Munich Convention, Hague Convention, Italian legalization and official translation) may results stressing for the marrying couple, and nothing better than a legal consultation can give relief in this case.

So what can we do for you to get you legally married in Italy?

We will take care of the legal paperwork to get you legally married in Italy by booking a legally binding ceremony in the town hall selected. Our fee for this service includes:
1) Legal evaluation of your documentation;
2) Our physical presence and our assistance with the town hall offices;
3) Our physical presence at the local Prefettura for the legalization of the required documents;
4) Relationship with the related Embassies in Italy;
5) The physical delivery or legal transmission of the full documentation to the town hall selected;
6) The cost of the revenue stamps required by the Italian offices;
7) The coverage of our expenses travel to reach the town hall selected and the competent Prefettura;
8) 24/7 availability via email, phone and whatsapp until the wedding day;
9) Checking the available date evaluating the best town hall in order to speed up, and facilitate the procedure;
10) Logistic advices to reach the town where the wedding will be celebrated;
11) Recruiting of a professional interpreter that will assist the couple during the ceremony;

What does our fee not include:

1) The cost of the town hall room where the ceremony will be celebrated. This price varies depending on the town hall regulations. Sometimes this cost is not applied;
2) The costs of the revenue stamps required by the Italian offices;
3) The fee of the professional interpreter.

Also, considering the uncertain times in regards to the pandemic we have to extend our legal assistance to the insurance field in order to  secure the wedding in case of an unpredictable event.

In this case we will involve a third-party products partner that will help us to protect your interests and the ones of your guests.

Civil wedding in Amalfi before the Amalfi's Mayor.