Lake Garda

Wedding planner in Lake Garda

Get married on the most beautiful Italian lake!

It is the largest Italian lake with an area of 370 square km. When you try to look at it it really looks like a sea among the mountains.
In whichever direction you look, you cannot grasp its boundaries. Indeed, Lake Garda bathes three Italian regions: Lombardia, Veneto and Trentino-Alto-Adige, offering an extraordinary variety of landscapes: from snow-capped mountains, to rolling hills, to small towns on the shores, including some islands in the center of the lake. Lake Garda is a destination that can satisfy everyone, at any time of the year.

This stunning area with its mild climate and perfect water temperature has the appearances of a small sea, pleasantly tight between plain and mountain: at the foot of Mount Pizzocolo and a step away from genuinely rural Lombardia.It seems to be static and delightful, then appears dynamic and wild, but it is in definitely majestic and spectacular.
It is surrounded by palms, oleanders, olive trees, picturesque villages, marinas, and nature reserves. For this reasons it is the ideal place to plan a charming destination wedding in Italy.

As your wedding planner in Lake Garda we will help you to discover unknown places and assist you in drawing the painting that you have already in your mind.

You will have the opportunity to host your guests in pleasant and mysterious places where the fairytale atmosphere of castles and islands will compete with the colors of the medieval village Malcesine.

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