Do It Yourself

The desktop of a wedding planner.

What about planning a wedding on a budget in the Dolomites and Do It Yourself saving money?

You would save money on the wedding planner and have access to all the best venues and vendors in the Italian wedding market.

This is possible using the DIY service!

Once you have booked the order using the button below, we will send you a link for the payment with credit card or wire transfer details, and we will grant access to our wedding platform hosted by the website, in which you will find all the best wedding venues in the Dolomites, and all the best wedding vendors and suppliers located in this area.


Wedding management software


Well, if you are planning a wedding on a budget in the Dolomites and have time to plan and coordinate it on your own, you can have all this information and contacts at the price of €.999,00. Italian V.A.T. included.

Once you have had access to our wedding platform, in the section contacts, you will find all the best cozy, charming venues in the territories we know the most.

You will also see websites, Instagram, and portfolios of the best wedding  photographer, videographers, florists, celebrants, catering, musicians, DJs, transportation companies, etc.

There will be details on pricing and their terms and conditions.

So with the DIY service:

1) you will save a lot of your time and effort in case you imagined jumping into the Italian wedding market with any assistance!

2) You will save money on your wedding planer’s fee.

Of course, we won’t leave you alone, you will be able to use our remote assistance if there is a misunderstanding with a vendor, but you can use our help only one time, and in any case, we won’t be responsible if there is a misunderstanding with a vendor we have not managed.

Of course, everything will be written in the agreement we will send you in which we will declare that we are selling you our pieces of information on the best venues, vendors, and suppliers known along our experience as wedding planners in the Italian market in the Dolomites.


A bride smini on Seceda while the groom hold the bridal gown.