All the guests get shoot by the wedding photographer on Seceda.A wedding celebrant preparing his speech during a wedding on Seceda

Experience your Destination Wedding in the Dolomites!

Ever dreamt of a classic wedding inspired by the timeless traditions of the West?
You’re not alone.
We often collaborate with couples from across the globe, eager to infuse their celebrations with that iconic Western touch, right here in Italy.

Our most popular option?
A three-day wedding celebration that beautifully integrates cherished ceremonies.

It generally begins with a heartfelt rehearsal dinner, followed by a festive bridal shower, the grand wedding day, and culminates in a cozy farewell brunch.

But it’s more than just a wedding.

It’s an immersive journey into Italy’s soul.

From serene wine tastings and thrilling mountain e-biking adventures to explorations of our world-renowned archaeological sites, we bring Italy to you in the most memorable ways.

We appreciate the significance of such an event, especially with guests traveling vast distances. Therefore, every celebration benefits from the attention of a dedicated three-member team. Their goal? Ensuring top-notch vendors, a seamlessly executed timeline, and the realization of the wedding vision you’ve always dreamt of.


Wedding Ceremony in Corvara


Think of us as your wedding alchemists.

We take your budget, blend it with your dreams, and introduce you to the crème de la crème of local vendors, ensuring your big day mirrors your every aspiration without overshooting the budget.

Journeying towards “I do” can seem overwhelming.

But with our meticulously crafted wedding checklist and timeline, every step becomes simpler.
From the first idea to the final flourish, we’ve got your back.

Stay in the loop like never before.

With our state-of-the-art wedding manager software, get real-time insights on vendor offers, quotations, and invoices.

It’s not just about management; it’s a window into the world of our handpicked vendors, budget tracking, event calendar, seating layouts, and even a creative design studio.

And yes, a cherry on top: an exclusive wedding website dedicated just to your event – a perfect way to keep your guests in sync with your wedding journey.

Seeking the perfect backdrop for your dream day? Italy, with its vast tapestry of venues, awaits. Be it an idyllic mountain chalet, an enchanting medieval castle, a serene retreat, an opulent luxury hotel, or a charming family-run inn, we present you with choices that are as unique as your love story.


Newlyweds looking to each other on a meadow on seiser alm

Your Dolomite Wedding, a Dream Handled to Perfection.

Navigating the majestic terrains of the Dolomites can be quite a task. But with us, you’re in expert hands. We’re deeply connected with the top-notch transfer companies in the region, ensuring your journey to these mountainous marvels is smooth and hassle-free.

Visualizing a themed celebration? Our in-house professional designers breathe life into your vision, ensuring every moment is adorned in sync with your chosen theme.

The legalities? We’ve got it covered. From scrutinizing vendor agreements and their cancellation policies to recommending third-party insurance plans, we safeguard you against unforeseen mishaps and potential financial setbacks.

Beyond the wedding, we curate memorable experiences for you and your guests. Imagine diving deep into an archaeological wonder, getting lost in nature’s lap, or mastering the art of pizza with a true Pizza Maestro, and sipping on exquisite wines under the guidance of a seasoned sommelier.

Together, let’s craft a magical wedding weekend in the heart of the Italian Alps. Kick it off with a heartwarming rehearsal dinner, savoring the authentic flavors of Italy.

Whether you’re beside us or oceans away, we’ll meticulously inspect venues, ensuring they align with your dream. Plus, dive into a gastronomic journey with our handpicked caterers or renowned hotel restaurants, introducing you to the finest wines and local delicacies.

On your big day, our devoted team will be right there with you, round-the-clock for up to 72 hours, ensuring every detail is picture-perfect!

Wedding dinner with a beautiful backdrop of the Sciliar in the Dolomites.


A newlywed couple walking down the aisle after a Jewish wedding ceremony in the Italian Dolomites.Last dance of the bride and groom.

The groom and bride walk through the meadows of Val Gardena with a corgi following them, holding colorful smoke bombs in their hands.