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Corporate Event in Italy

Business and Corporate events in Italy !

Get advices you on the most delightful experiences and stunning venues for a relaxing and emotional stay for your employees and collaborators!

As experienced event planners in Italy we will be responsible for organizing and managing a wide range of business events, such as product launchescompany picnicsgrand openingsmeetingsteam building & bonding, employee appreciation, and everything you Company need to enhance the environment of your employees.

Our team experienced team of event planners has the full scope to organize and manage various events, from team-building events to holiday parties, conferences for product launches, and many others, as described below.

As experienced Italian planners of conferences and elaborate weddings, you can rely on our successful timeline planning to ensure everything goes smoothly here in Italy.

We want to valorize your company’s culture to propose the best venue in Italy that is more adequate to host your event.

Finocchieto Corporate Event

Which service can we provide for your Corporate Event in Italy?

  • Event Execution & Management
  • Airport Travel Management
  • Food & Beverage Catering
  • Rentals
  • Entertainment
  • Event Design
  • Décor & Props
  • Lighting
  • Audio Visual
  • Venue Sourcing & Procurement
  • Photography & Videography
  • Valet & Parking Management
  • Event Registration
  • Graphic Design & Printing
  • Event Marketing & Branding Services
  • Event Security
  • Police & Fire Safety

What kind of event can occur in Italy to celebrate your success or host your employees to award their goals?

Let’s look at the possibilities mentioned below, but of course, we are open to satisfying all the requests you may have for a tailor-made business corporate event.



A product launch during a corporate event in Italy

As you know, a product launch event is an opportunity the company has to show worldwide what you’ve been working on so hard.

You need to show everyone that your new product is exactly what people and employees are expecting,

With our event team planning your product launch event, your guests and employee will experience the launch in a beautiful setting like a Tuscan Borgo or a middle-aged castle and a Private Villa with an ocean view.


Award ceremony during a corporate event in Italy

Your Management desires to celebrate their employees’ successes when they reach specific milestones and goals. So any time could be a goo good to reward them for their extensive efforts.

Employee appreciation days are also opportunities for your team to bond within the company since your staff have been proven to boost morale and improve company culture.

What can you do to foster company loyalty and make your employees appreciated, create a stronger sense of teamwork?

Well, as you may know Italy is famous for its wine and Tuscany is the most sought after region in the world to experience wine.

Therefore, what’s better thank the following type of events?




You undoubtedly know how much is essential wine in Italy. Therefore we couldn’t lose the opportunity to offer our knowledge of the territory of Tuscany and its incredible landscapes and wine cellars.

Tuscany is a sought-after region for tourism in general and events such as weddings, reunions, and business events.

The prior experiences we are delighted to offer to our Corporations range from Wine Tasting EventsCooking classesGourmet tours, trekking trip along the Via Francigena, and archeological tours all over the Tuscan territory.


You have a company that relies on many important assets, your employees.

Without that, you can make the jump you need to reach your goal and communicate your mission and vision to the world.

If every one of your staff moves in the same direction, you could use the people’s potential.

We would be honored to plan a team-building event with you since we also know, as planners, how important collaborations are to help a business or a big corporation develop a better team dynamic and get the most out of talented people.

Our team-building activities are entirely customized to company employees’ needs.

Our professional event producers with deep expertise in the People Management field will create an experience that will entertain your employees and help them work together better as a  bond group.

Your custom team-building experience will be designed based on the nature of your business, the roles of your employees, the size of your organization, and the goals you want to achieve.

The best part is that your team will have so much fun experiencing the Italian territory, seeing archeological sites, going through the middle age path (such as Tuscan Via Francigena), experiencing hiking on the Italian Dolomites, or having a relaxing experience in the famous incomparable Amalfi coast.

Hiking team building session in Italy on Dolomites.


In this occasion you will be able to show your employees, co-workers, tenants, and guests your appreciation for them with a great holiday party.

We make it all happen with the perfect venue location in Regions like Tuscany, Umbria, Sardinia, Sicily, Puglia, Campania and in the most sought after areas and cities such as Florence, Milan, Rome and Amalfi Coast.

We wil provide a delicious catering service , creative decorations, and the most impressive entertainment.

Before and assignment we will take the time to get to know you and your company because we know it’s not just a party but a business investment.

A wedding hut on Seceda