• How does it work with you?

To start, we prefer to meet our couple in person (or on Skype) to make sure that our personalities mesh, and that we would both like to work together. If we find that we are a good fit for each other, we will show you a draft of our agreement and once it is signed we can start planning your event. This agreement contains only the aspects related to our service as your wedding planner. Therefore it doesn’t contain the duties and services offered by vendors. For this reason, the couple will sign single agreements with each vendor and send different payment to them, and we will assist you during this important step.

• How can I receive a quote from you?

Each wedding is different form the other. Especially in the field of destination weddings the type of demands may vary a lot and the requests are pretty much diversified in relation to the logistics aspects and accommodation of the guest as well as everything that concerns legal aspect for couple who needs legal assistance for a legally binding ceremony in Italy.
For these reasons we invite couples to write to us in order to schedule a meeting in person or on Skype/Facetime to receive a free quote.

• Do you offer wedding packages?

No. We create tailor made events in relation to your desires. For this reason, we don’t propose and offer packages to our clientele.

• Do you charge the first consultation?

No. Your first consultation is free. If the couple need more than one consultation before booking with us, there will be a fee invoiced.

• How much do your services cost?

Usually couples already have in mind their spending budget for the wedding and if they do not have it, we can study one together with you.
Our service will be part of the budget without further costs and indeed, it may happen that the budget is optimized.

• We have an idea of the venue but we haven’t found the right one, what can you do for us?

Selection of the venue is a service the can be sold apart. However, we include this option in our main services such as: “Wedding Planning and Design”, “Destination wedding” and “Elopement”.

• We would like to come in Italy some time before to scout and inspect some venues, will you be with us?

Yes, we will be by your side when you will come here as specified in our agreement.

• Do you offer Legal services for a legally binding ceremonies in Italy?

Yes, Alessandro has been working as practicing lawyer in different law firms. For this reason he knows very well the procedure and he has mastered relationship with the public administration and public institutions.

• In which Italian areas do you work?

We know very well the territory of Dolomites, Tuscany, Amalfi, Sorrento and Rome as we have a solid experience and relationships in these areas. However, it happens frequently that we are asked to extend our presence all over the Italian territory. We love to use the richness and the beauty of the other regions and experiment new flavors and colors and meet new professionals.

• How do you choose which suppliers to use?

It took a long time to establish many of our vendor relationships so we propose to our couples only reliable and tested professional.
If the couple has already chosen a vendor we are open to mix them with ours.

• I want to host a pre/post wedding event, coul you assist us?

Yes. Destination wedding is such a joyful moment and your guests will come from so far to celebrate with you this unique event for more than one day. Therefore, a pre/post wedding event is something we are happy to manage. A relaxed pizza party, poolside BBQ, tapas evening on the beach or an authentic wine and “Grappa” tasting session are just some ideas.

• Do you take on more than one wedding per day?

No, we never take on two weddings on the same day. This approach allows us to only focus on you. Besides, wedding days are exhausting for a planner; we have to run from one place to another directing vendors and guests. It wouldn’t be fair to you for us to have another event the day before yours as we wouldn’t be in the right shape to focus on you and your guests.

• Will you be at my wedding?

Of course. After months (or year) of planning it will be our pleasure and duty to be there on the day in order to ensure you can relax, enjoy your moments and rest assured that we are on hand to help everything run smoothly.
Depending on the size and logistics of your event we will be present from the set up until the moment the last vendor provides its service.