Language skill is a must

When planning a destination wedding in Tuscany it is very common to concern about who we will talk to.

  • Would it be so easy to entrust everything to a wedding planner in Italy?
  • Will he or she be able to speak English fluently?
  • Will this event planner be able to understand all the shades of my speech when I expose my needs and expectations concerning my wedding?

The questions we ask ourselves are many and undoubtedly communication is fundamental. 

Therefore, what we recommend to you in case you were organizing your destination wedding in Tuscany, is to look for an English speaking wedding planner in Tuscany. 

You will easily test his/her language knowledge during the first e-mail exchange, but a video chat session on Skype will be definitely your best choice.

Surely, his/her proficiency in English will be a positive signal to prove he/she has already coordinated and planned a destination wedding in Italy before.

Will it be easy to find an English speaking wedding planner in Tuscany?

The answer is Yes. But our advice is to entrust who is native Italian.

This because you’re planning to marry in Italy, and in your place, I would prefer to be assisted by an native Italian english speaking wedding planner in Tuscany who has a deep awareness of traditions, local culture, society and has a reliable network and strong connections with local Italian vendors.

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