A romantic getaway in the “Bel Paese”

Working for destination weddings requires us necessarily to empathize with couples coming from distant countries, often from overseas. And we ask to ourselves, if we were them, where would we go for an elopement? We do not want to take sides, but We’d really say “Italia!”.   The answer is simple, where to find history, culture, diversified landscapes, hospitality, culinary art, wine, simplicity and joy of life? Just think about Venice, Cinque Terre, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Florence, Tuscany, Rome, Assisi, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento Puglia, Matera, Sicily and the Dolomites.

In fact, the question can be also asked negatively: why not an elopement in Italy? It is more difficult to find reasons not to go than a reason to go. An elopement in Italy will allow you to save money in places where tourists and traditionalist couples would spend a fortune as you will be just the two of you instead of you with 50-100 guests.

We as destination wedding planner in Italy will allow you to plan this unique exchange of vows in the most exclusive and unknown locations where you can pick wonderful pictures with no group photos. Imagine to be only the two of you on a rock on the cliffs in the Amalfi coast, or in a lush forest in the Dolomites, or in a desolate hill in Tuscany or on a terrace over the “canali” of Venezia…. shall we have go on?

In conclusion, there are places that can not be reached by 50 or 100 guests, but if it’s only about the two of you, well, the range of possibilities expands significantly.  If you have something in mind do not hesitate to write to us right now. In the mean time have a look at one of our articles about “the best places to elope in italy”.