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Can you think of anything more romantic than elope to Venice to celebrate your pure Love?

Elope to Venice is something you will deeply enjoy: from a traditional Wedding Ceremony to a very eclectic one like Urban, Boho, Hygge, Minimal, Vintage styles.

Enjoy the feeling of living an intimate celebration with your partner, exactly in the mood you wish!

A bride and a groom that decide to elope to Venice, looking into each other eyes with the wonderful background of a beautiful city, maybe on the gondola in the grand canal? Isn’t it breathtaking?

Eloping expresses the true meaning of a passionate relation: we can arrange it simple and intimate in a romantic place where you can exchange your vows; we know so well the secrets and the history of our town, for this reason, we will find you the perfect place to inaugurate this unforgettable moment.

Elope to Venice
: discover all the pros!

– Focused on you: your love story will be at the very center, with no distractions at all.
– Private and: if you’re not a fan of big events, an elopement is a perfect solution.
– Extraordinary and original: not many decide to elope to Venice, but if you feel like it, go for it! You will have plenty of time to celebrate with family and friends once you’re back!
– Super spontaneous: being just the two of you, there is no one to please but your own taste.
– Money saver: since you combine your holiday with your wedding.
– Faster to plan: a few weeks (or even a few days!) are more than enough to organize a perfect wedding.

Elope to Venice may be unconventional but you will bring along with you incredible memories of your experience. You won’t need to worry about anything but yourselves as we will take care of all the details, transport included!

Become Mr. and Mrs. with the staff of Makeda wedding planner: every year, thanks to our skills and experience, we crown the desire to elope to Venice of many couples from all over the world.

Package for your Elope to Venice​:

  1. Wedding planning assistance 24/7 by phone Skype and Whatsapp
  2. Recruitment of the Celebrant / Officiant
  3. Selection of the best wedding Photographers on the territory
  4. Bouquet & Boutonniere and refined floral composition for the ceremony.
  5. Ceremony Location Search and scouting.
  6. Hair & Makeup for Bride
  7. Live Music for Ceremony
  8. Coordination on-the-day
  9. Budgeting
  10. Logistic coordination
  11. Accommodation management for you and your guest

Still in doubt? Do not hesitate to contact us: we will be pleased to guide you through the best decision, whatever it will be!


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