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Arezzo vineyard venue

Those who love Tuscany deserve the best.

We have already talked about elopements in Italy in our blog. It is more and more frequent that couples worldwide choose to prevent their privacy and freedom, breaking out from this millenary tradition that belongs to formal weddings.

Therefore elopements represent a “get away” from the pressure and expectations of undesired and thorny relatives.

We have estimated that 40% of the inquiries we receive from couples from abroad regard the organization of an elopement in Italy and very frequently in Tuscany.

For those who desire to elope in Tuscany, which are the most exciting and advisable places for an intimate symbolic or religious ceremony in the Tuscan region?

Tuscany Valley - Val d'Orcia

Let’s have a look at some options.

Castagneto Carducci is a small village perched on the top of the hill, dominated by the Castello dei Conti della Gherardesca, once surrounded by walls where the sea’s front-facing survives and which, together with the church of San Lorenzo, constitutes the original nucleus of the center inhabited.

Castagneto Carducci event
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Castagneto Carducci view

A fraction of this beautiful Castle in Bolgheri can admire a single sunset where the light caresses the typical Tuscan hills.
Our advice is that a typical wedding venue is unnecessary for a couple who desires the elopement’s freedom.

In fact, in our opinion, you can exchange your vows in a vast hilly meadow or a Tuscan vineyard at sunset.

The most important thing is that the landowner agrees on that, but we’ll take care of it! This is our job….!

Tuscany Vineyards
Castagneto and Bolgheri route

Castagneto and Bolgheri are connected by a road lined with cypresses also praised by the poet Giosuè Carducci and interspersed, in fact, by splendid vineyards.

For Catholic weddings, instead, we want to talk to you about Montescudaio.
Here is the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, with a breathtaking view and a terrace on the hills from which you can also see the sea. It’s incredible.

Chiesa Santa Maria Assunta
Santa Maria Assunta view from the back

We have already talked about San Gimignano in a previous article.

This is the city of Towers and, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful in Tuscany.

The historic center is a UNESCO heritage site and walking through its narrow streets. You will receive the impression of living a journey through time. Whatever the place where you will exchange your vows, you cannot miss this stage in Siena.

San Gimignano

Also, in the province of Siena, you will find Bagno Vignoni. Its meeting point is not a square as every village in central Italy has, but a substantial thermal swimming pool surrounded by a loggia, therefore one of a kind. Why not relax with a bath in these beautiful spaces the day after your ceremony?

And ever heard about San Quirico D’Orcia? This could be a delicious “cadeau” for both of you.

Worthy of note are its public gardens (Horti Leonini), and just outside the city, there is the famous church portrayed in many photos of the Tuscan hills, or the Madonna Di Vitaleta Church.

Madonna di Vitaleta Church

But our absolute favorite, always in the same area, is the Abbey of Sant’Antimo, an evocative place full of spirituality and history.

We recommend it for anyone who’s considering a Catholic ceremony in Tuscany.

Sant'Antimo Abbey
Also, have you ever heard of the “Via dell’amore” (the route of love) in Pienza? It is the most romantic street in Italy, and many photographers go there to immortalize this paradise of serenity and beauty.

Route of Love - Via dell'amore Tuscany

What distinguishes an Elopement is undoubtedly the silent atmosphere; in the spectral nature, about your needs, you may have with you only the wedding photographer, a celebrant, and your wedding planner in Tuscany.

Tuscany can offer many solutions for couples like you, such as rustic renovated farms, villas in the countryside, Castels, an entire Borgo and last but not least a wine cellar all for you and your beloved guest!
If you’re planning to elope in Tuscany, feel free to send us a free request, we will be happy to assist you in this fantastic journey to discover yourself in this beautiful land.

Siena countryside - Tuscany


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