A wedding in a Chapel in the Italian Dolomites

Couples willing to marry in Italy often plan an “Elopement.” Let’s see why.

We can tell you that many of the couples who have chosen to plan an elopement decide on this solution mainly because they desire an intimate atmosphere in a stunning landscape in the Italian land and don’t want to involve undesired relatives. 

However, today we want to give you just some “starting tips” about planning an elopement in Italy

First of all, if you do not have the possibility of staying at least one week in Italy to organize your wedding, we strongly suggest you rely on a wedding planner in Italy.

Let’s start with the basics: accommodation.

The high season in Italy is usually from June to August.

The Christmas period is also considered such.

If you have no particular preferences on the wedding date, you could schedule your event in May or, even better, in the fall.

In this way, you would cut accommodation costs significantly.

It’s not infrequent that being the couple alone, they ask their wedding planner to receive advice about a trip before and after the ceremony.

This is not precisely the duty of a wedding planner, but being always around our country, we are happy to share our knowledge of our beautiful land and advice about the best places to visit.

Hochzeit Pflerschtal

In regards to the ceremony, many couples love the idea of being assisted by a professional celebrant during their ceremony.

Still, honestly, we have loved some elopement we planned during which the spouses just exchanged vows without a celebrant’s assistance.

We created the vows’ text, and it has been so exciting for us to write poetic verses for this unique moment in a lifetime.

Elopement in Lake Braies

The expense depends on which design you want to be adopted for the ceremony for the floral decorations.

We always suggest exploring a lot of Instagram and Pinterest so that you can find the best ideas to propose to your wedding planner.

Also, we always recommend a musical repertoire to accompany your ceremony.

We will love to advise you on the appropriate classical or contemporary musical repertoire to be performed during the ceremony unless you already have clear ideas about this.

A couple sitting on a meadow in the dolomites
Korean bride and American groom sitting on the meadows of Seceda.