Most couples wishing to get married in Italy choose the “elopement” solution.

Let’s see why.

They will have fewer guests, certainly.

But we can tell you that many of the couples who choose an elopement do so mainly because they love and want an intimate situation for their wedding in italy.

However, we want to guide you today on what may be the costs of an elopement in Italy.

First of all, if you do not have the possibility of staying at least one week in Italy to organize your wedding, we strongly suggest you to rely on a wedding planner.

From a distance and above all from web sites, things are never in line with reality.

Let’s start with the basics. Your and your guests’ stay.

The high season in Italy is usually from June to August. The Christmas period is also considered such.

If you have no particular preferences on the wedding date, you could schedule your event in May or even better in the fall. In this way you would cut living costs by almost half!

What you will need if you chose the symbolic ceremony will be a celebrant. 

Each professional chooses his fee but normally we are on € .200.00 / € .300.00.

For the floral decorations the expense depends on which design wants to be adopted for the ceremony.

We always advise to explore a lot of Instagram so that you can find the idea to propose to the wedding planner or directly to the floral composer, so you can demand exactly what you want to be done without leaving the florist’s margins of creativity.

Given the simplicity, also in terms of the duration of the symbolic ceremony, we always recommend a musical repertoire to accompany the ceremony.

Not only to create an atmosphere, but also to mark the phases of the ceremony itself.

The wedding planner will certainly advise you wisely on how to organize the symbolic ceremony in order to satisfy your needs.

Regarding the costs of musicians, if you decide to recruit string instruments, for professionals the cost is around € .250.00 per person. Therefore a string quartet would cost € .1.000,00. If you add a level soprano you may have to add € 500,00.

A wedding planner in Italy will also be able to advise you on the appropriate classical or contemporary musical repertoire to be performed during the ceremony.

About the reception -in a level structure- normally the cost for a menu starts from a minimum of €.130.00 p.p. and can go up to € .250.00. p.p.

Regarding the costs of the wedding planner, for an elopement the cost can vary from € .1500,00 to € .3.000.00. This depends on the needs and demands of the couple.

Also consider that there are wedding planners who work in luxury events, who are not interested in organizing an elopement. Therefore, if you do not receive feedback, you must not be upset. However, it is always a good idea to respond to customer requests, so those who do not respond you do not deserve you!

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