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Destination Wedding, is a wedding planned in a locations very far from home and your territory.

They represent a large part of marriages in Italy.

Clients are often foreigners who choose Rome, Tuscany, Sorrento, Cinque Terre, together with other beautiful Italian locations.

These couples wish a wedding in a place rich in history, art, beauty; or simply because they fell in love with them during a holiday.

Destination wedding however is a favorite solution even by Italian couples, just as many Italians living abroad prefer to return home to celebrate their marriage, often even when one of the two is not Italian.

In all these cases there are some specific elements to consider immediately, before starting to plan your wedding in Italy.

First of all, the bureaucratic procedure may take some time, both in the case of religious and civil rites.

But this is something that a good Destination Wedding Planner will know how to solve and follow step by step on your behalf.

Time will clearly be a very important element to take into consideration. And we do not talk about the weather.

Living hundreds or thousands of kilometers away does not allow many meetings and inspections with the presence of the couple, so the few days available will need to be programmed very cleverly, and exploited to the fullest.

There is no time nor space for hesitation, doubts and late rethinking.

By definition, a destination wedding requires clear ideas and a certain decision making from the beginning; or at least starting from when the project, location and fil rouge have been identified together with the spouses.

wedding planner will do everything to satisfy the wishes

The program changes will not fail for sure and the wedding planner will do everything to satisfy the last wishes of the bride, but will have to keep the couple on track, when they will be tempted to review their choices risking to blow up the date so desired.

Logistics is a very delicate and complex aspect, especially when guests come from different locations and from different countries of the world.

It is not the first time that we manage hotel reservations and transfers for international guests from all over the world, all of whom have different needs.

We must communicate with everyone and well in advance, because we must guarantee the spouses the maximum efficiency in bookings and travel.

The wedding day is even more challenging, when the guests are transferred from the hotels to the place of the ceremony, then move to the reception and return.

The organizing machine is complex and must move with one big goal: if the guests are satisfied, so will the newlyweds.

Sometimes suppliers also arrive from abroad; we are talking photographers, videomakers or musicians, who must be supported and coordinated to contribute to the success of the event, and obviously it is not exactly like having them in the city every day.

At the same time, the Italian suppliers must be chosen and suggested with great care to foreign spouses, because they will have all their trust in the advice of the wedding planner.

And if the Destination Wedding takes the opposite path, from Italy to abroad?

The considerations are not very different: the principle of knowing how to rely on a professional regards the meticulous job of listening to the requests of the spouses, and then put together a close-knit team of suppliers, which will be able to keep in line them to perfection.

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