A cottage is, typically, a small house originally from rural England.

The typical british cottage is a small house, usually with a stone or brick structure, currently without land, although originally it was designated for the peasants’ house of the surrounding land. 

In the pre-Victorian era, the cottages looked like small houses, usually with exposed wooden structures.

It may carry the connotation of being an old or old-fashioned building.

In modern usage, a cottage is usually a modest, often cosy dwelling, typically in a rural or semi-rural location.

The word comes from the English architecture, where it originally referred to a house with ground floor living space and an upper floor of one or more bedrooms fitting under the eaves.

If you ever thought to wed and have your guest tasting food in a cottage, we can discuss about it all the day long.

We actually know many places in Italy where to apply this English style setting.

Imagine your guest drinking an Italian sparkling wine while looking at the swans and duck floating on the lake in front of you when the sun is shining.

We personally have been participating as guests in event like this in the daylight and we can assure you, suddenly, you want to get married there…

For couples that has not such a big budget we have to underline that you will save money on floral arrangements, indeed,who needs fancy floral composition when you can pick up your bouquet right off that country backdrop?

Using the gorgeous, readily available wildflowers without cutting your flower budget to zero, will help you to stay in the theme adapting to the contest without spending so much on flower compositions.

The dress code can’t be as strict

Normally ties and jackets are mandatory and women are hobbling around in 4-inch heels. Well, weddings in a cottage call for a more casual dress code.

It’ll be a relief for all your guest as you will make them feel in a summer mood, joyful and in less stuffy attire.

A more casual menu will be accepted with the low-key atmosphere of a cottage, you can feel free to plan a wedding menu that would seem out of place in a stuffy reception hall. 

Besides, pitching a tent is always recommended for an outdoor wedding. 

We would suggest you to get at least a quote for a tent as the summer weather is not exactly predictable. 

If you need a particularly large tent, you mayneed to apply for a structure, so check it with your wedding planner and the local manager before planning anything. Consider that a structure like this may cost around €. 20.000.

In conclusion, there will be a more personal touch.

In fact, weddings held in big banquet halls can be stunning, but in pursuit of elegant perfection some couples end up planning a wedding that feels more like an impersonal awards ceremony than a heartfelt affair. 

Holding your wedding in a cottage, creates a warm, personal atmosphere that will make you and your guests like being at your house.