Enchanting places for unforgettable moments in Italy

More and more couples prefer to organize an intimate ceremony than a traditional one that would involve hundreds of guests. Couples decide to marry later, focusing more on what they really need, a peaceful moment. Italy, in particular Tuscany, are among the most sought-after and appreciated destinations for this particular type of event.

Tuscany indeed is the ideal region to host all the phases of a romantic love story, starting with a walk hand in hand, going through the organization of a refined wedding reception up to a trip with the family or the celebration of an anniversary. Medieval alleys, cities of art, glimpses of uncontaminated nature: a couple of lovers will not fail to find the perfect place for a toast but also to pronounce the fateful “yes”.
Just think, for example, of the fascination exerted by the village of Anghiari, tightly embraced by its ancient walls: the narrow streets of Anghiari lend themselves perfectly to romantic walks among the characteristic stone houses, to reach one of the typical little squares and maybe visit together an antique shop or a museum.

Those who want to combine relaxation and evocative views cannot miss the great park of Lucca’s city walls, ideal for a sunset walk suspended between history and nature: a journey in an atmosphere of times gone by to admire the light of the sun that goes down on the towers of the city and on the surrounding old trees.

The list of Tuscan romantic destinations must include the panorama of the city of Florence that can be enjoyed from Fiesole, thanks to the favorable position of the small Etruscan town, perched on the hill behind the Tuscan capital: this breathtaking view can crown an enchanting journey through nature and monuments, evidence of the ancient past of Fiesole.
Tuscany boasts an abundance of places capable of combining romantic atmosphere and history: the streets of Volterra, for example, are waiting for those couples who want to spend unforgettable hours within the circle of its thirteenth-century walls. Medieval palaces, museums, remains of the Etruscan past of the city: everything comes together to give Volterra an enigmatic and mysterious charm, to be lived in complicity.

Tranquility and fairytale landscapes await the couples who choose the Val d’Orcia as a romantic destination, with its rolling hills and its centers of medieval origin: among these, Pienza can take advantage of a particularly favorable position, on top of a hill that allows it to extend the look over the whole valley. It should also be remembered that the Palazzo Piccolomini of Pienza was chosen by Franco Zeffirelli to shoot some scenes of the film Romeo and Juliet: what could be more romantic?
Anyone wishing to declare themselves to the person they love at the foot of a magnificent medieval tower, in San Gimignano would be spoiled for choice: the structure of the delightful fortified town is in fact characterized by this particular architectural element, ideal for making a romantic itinerary even more special .

The possibilities offered by Tuscany for lovers in search of romantic destinations never seem to be exhausted: those wishing to spend a couple’s wellness stay can opt for a day at the Saturnia thermal springs. The magical atmosphere of the Mulino waterfalls, combined with the beneficial properties of their waters and the tranquility of the surrounding nature, contributes to creating the ideal atmosphere to relax in two.
A partial rundown like this is certainly not enough to cite all the romantic places that distinguish Tuscany: the region offers such an abundance of fascinating and fascinating destinations that from time to time you are forced to make a choice. Some couples love art and architecture, others favor history, others still nature or relaxation: for everyone, in Tuscany, the ideal love nest is hidden. It will be a pleasure to research and find your own!

Besides Tuscany we suggest also to evaluate Venice for your elopement in Italy.

In Venice there are fantastic hidden gardens overlooking the Grand Canal. In these green corners, hidden from the public, it is possible to organize your ceremony and your intimate reception.

Besides, as an alternative to hotels there is a beautiful terrace with a magnificent view of the Venice lagoon. From the terrace you can see the Basilica della Salute, the Punta della Dogana, the Island of San Giorgio and the Church Redentore.

Moreover, if your dream is to live the most magical day of your life in a Venetian palace, ideal could be the frescoed room of a romantic Hotel located in one of the most fascinating and suggestive places in Venice.

The hotel has a noble floor with several frescoed rooms suitable for every type of wedding and wedding reception.

Regarding the gardens, there is a wonderful one in a historical Venetian palace overlooking the Grand Canal.

It is an extraordinarily well-kept garden. It is an exclusive privilege for a Venetian house to have a garden, green spots that break the hegemony of the water element of the Grand Canal even for the blink of an eye.

Not least the Garden of roses and jasmine in a historic Venetian palace

It is the secret garden of roses and jasmine of a historic Venetian palace. It is an interior, intimate garden, decorated with a well that dates back to the 14th century …

We conclude with one of the most requested place by “western” couples. .

So what exactly makes Amalfi Coast so special and why would it be ideal for elopements?

The coastline of Italy with its surreal clifftop resorts, century-old hotels, and scenic castles is something you can’t miss. There is no better way to describe these places than a vertical city perched in the middle of glorious mountains in a perfect sea. 

This Italian elopement destination is located at the Salerno Gulf on the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is divided among thirteen municipalities of southern Italy with people that are as amazing as the views that you can see there.

When a couple is looking for an elopement solution or for a destination wedding in Italy, we always list this solution down as one of the best option in Europe.

You will also have the spoilt of choice when you will have to decide where to set up your elopement. You can choose one of the most famous towns on the Amalfi Coast: Ravello, Amalfi or Positano. Their beautiful views will be the background to the photos of your elopement will remain in your heart.

Or you may decide with originality for another of the hidden treasures of this land: Praiano, Atrani, Conca dei Marini are no less than the most popular places for beauty and hospitality.

Amalfi coast is more than just first impressions. It doesn’t amaze couple only when approaching the coastline, but it offers more surprises as you encounter castles, churches, museums, and other attractions. 

Planning your elopement in one of the Amalfi Coast wedding venues with lush green gardens, gorgeous beach scenes, and balconies offering spectacular views of the sea is a gift you need to make to yourself.

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