Wedding planner - Marianna Meccariello


I love nature, the mountains, walking through the snowy forests. I especially love the snow.
If I was asked to represent my life in a movie, I would definitely choose a Christmas setting.
I carefully select the locations of my spouses, wonderful places located in Italian territories among the least known, but the most suggestive.
For your event I will take inspiration from the surrounding nature and together, we will create magical settings according to your sensitivity and expectations.
I will be happy to meet you with my husband Alessandro to discuss together the infinite possibilities that our country can offer.


Knowing new cultures and stories of couples from all over the world fascinates me enormously. I continually deepen the potential of my country in order to give our clients the best opportunities and to guarantee them the safety of their event. Together with my wife I have built a reliable network of professionals who operate throughout the territory to meet the most complex requests and to support unexpected needs.
After the experience as practicing lawyer in the best law firms of Rome, I finally discovered the world of the international events and I could not live without it anymore. I brought with me the legal skills and competencies which I'm proud to use to help couples who need help with legal binding ceremony on the Italian territory and with legal matters in general.