Meet Marianna and Alessandro!

We are an Italian married couple who started this challenge together on 2016, sharing the passion for laid-back and wild wedding events hosted in the most charming venues on the Dolomites and in Südtirol.

Since the company was launched, we got immersed by requests of foreign couples so that we understood our mission was to donate the knowledge of our culture and territories to couples coming from abroad.

Marianna has been defined by many as the “spreadsheet lady” since she is very keen on planning and budgeting.

Alessandro is a real asset for public relations and legal affairs.

What distinguishes us is the deep knowledge of the Dolomites’ territory, its mixed culture, and the passion for wild-rustic settings celebrated in high-end venues in Südtirol.

Our mission is to let our clients and their guests experience the authentic beauty of South Tyrol, where the German and Italian cultures mix up in a beautiful and unique recipe.