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Getting married on the Amalfi Coast is the dream of many couples, both Italian and not. It is a landscape unique in the world which smells of tradition and culture.
The towns and villages of the Amalfi coast are different one from the other each one with its traditions and peculiarities. No word or image can give justice to such an incredibly beautiful and colorful place.

Here have a look at 7 good tips by a wedding planner in Amalfi:

1.Hire a local experienced wedding planner.
You will not know the area considering that you’re coming from abroad, so it is really important to hire the right destination wedding planner. He/she will know the region, the place, traditions, rules and customs. He/she speaks the local language, which is useful for managing suppliers and vendors, such as florists, restaurateurs, musicians, wedding photographer, make-up artists etc. They will take care of the agreements with each supplier and will follow all the legal procedures for a legally binding ceremony in Italy. Another advantage of having a wedding planner is that they will take care of your guest arriving and supervising the whole big day for you, so you can just have fun.

2. Set dates in advance
Places like the Amalfi Coast are very popular for tourism and weddings, so you need to book the place and hotels as soon as possible. This way your guests will be able to book suitable flights and accommodations close to the venue on the right time. They are traveling a lot for you, so it is good to help them in planning their journey.

3. Plan your journeys well
Consider to purchase flight from airlines that have a direct flight for the airport “Naples Capodichino”: this is the closest airport to the Amalfi Coast. From there a transport is made to the area of ​​the Amalfi Coast. You can rent a car, get a transfer to the port of Naples and take a ferry from there or book a private transfer for you and your guests to reach your hotel or wedding venue.

4. Pay attention to the type of ceremony you will choose.
If you are looking for a civil wedding, keep in mind that most of the wedding locations on the Amalfi Coast, and in Italy in general, cannot host a civil celebration. Usually it is played in the town hall, but the mayors of the cities have the power to allow celebrations of civil wedding in specific historical sites or villas.

5. Choose only local food!
When it comes to talk about weddings in Italy, one can’t not talk about food, or rather, good food. To offer excellent cuisine it is always good to rely on the products offered by the land in which it is located your venue and on the Amalfi Coast there is no lack of top quality products. Overlooking the sea, the Amalfi Coast offers generally seafood dishes. A typical dish is the scialatielli of Amalfi; a handmade pasta enriched with a dressing of fresh clams. Besides the fresco fish of the coast, and the handmade pasta, Amalfi can also boast of a rich tradition of cheese production, such as the excellent ricotta. And perhaps the most famous product in the world of the Amalfi Coast, among all, the Limoncello. It is produced with colorful and super-perfumed Amalfi lemons. This could also be a great idea for a special wedding favor to give to your guests.

6.Visit the site
Think of it as a vacation. Choose some venues and take the occasion to visit them before booking anything, so you can really get an idea whether​​you like the place or not. It’s really hard to judge how a venue looks like from a website, there is no substitute for being there. It will also be your occasion to meet your wedding planner.

7. Do not go home immediately
One of the joys of a destination wedding is that you have chosen an incredible place to celebrate your wedding. Why not extend your stay and relax after the wedding? Transform your wedding sojourn in a real honeymoon. Having a little time to relax after a busy wedding day is the perfect time to spend time with your new husband or wife.

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