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Why wedding packages can be a risk and a loss

We often receive requests for wedding packages in Italy.

This usually happens because the customer sets a budget and doesn’t want to go beyond that. Or because they don’t want to participate too much in planning.

However keep in mind this:

1) First of all, you have to think in legal terms and in terms of legal liability. Second, you are getting married abroad in an area where other regulations are in force, so every time you put your hand to your wallet, your mindset must change.
If a wedding planner tells you, “Give me 5000 euros, and you will find flowers, catering and music included”, do you think she/he will be able to issue an invoice that concerns a performance of others?
What kind of contract are you signing?
But above all, where are the terms and conditions of the third party supplier (florist, catering, musicians etc.) ???

You give all your money to the planner but the responsibility belongs to another vendor, doesn’t it?

2) Also there is the suspicion, but it is obviously not an absolute truth, that the wedding planner can obtain large profit margins from this practice. An example? The wedding planner will try to hire very low-cost suppliers to maximize her/his revenues.

3) Furthermore, what happens if a supplier (such as catering operators) commits an offense? We can make an example.

The caterer inquires about guests about possible food allergies but mistakenly serves the guests food to an allergy sufferer. That person will get sick and go to the hospital.

Whose responsibility is it?

Whose responsibility is it since the money has been given by you to the wedding planner and there is no obligation or prior agreement with the catering?

Nor can you assert any written agreement with the catering or other supplier responsible for the incident.

4) If you give a fixed fee to a wedding planner, how can you make specific requests to customize the event?

You will not be able to change the menu. You will not be able to add a floral composition. You will not be able to add services or embellishments that are not supported in advance by that agreed budget.

5) However, do you know the wedding planner so well? Do you trust to give everything into her hands? Wouldn’t it be better to pay his fee by signing a contract with him and then sign individual agreements with each supplier by paying their legitimate fees directly to them?
Wouldn’t it be better for the wedding planner to assist you in negotiating with individual suppliers and assist you in signing the contract with each of them?

Based on our positive experience, the wedding planner must be responsible for his own work and must ensure careful supervision of the suppliers’ activity, assisting the client in the negotiation and signing of contracts with the latter, protecting the customer from any clause unfavorable to him. For example, during the Covid period, there was much talk of withdrawal and refund clauses.

Do you want to give all the money for your wedding to the wedding planner without knowing how each supplier will behave with you in a pandemic period or more generally in terms of withdrawal or, even worse if the supplier is in default?
Judge for yourself and think about it….

flower composition for a wedding package