Explore the territory learning its history

We have already spoken about Villas, in particular the last time we gave you some tips on Villas in Rome.

Of course we know our country. Places are many in Italy, so with only one post it won’t be really easy to talk about all the most amazing Villa in the country. So let’s start with basics.

Villa on Italian lakes

The atmosphere in front the sea is something that has no comparison, but unfortunately historical Villas are mostly on the banks of the lakes. So unless you would fight with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage (in case you fell in love with an old Roman Villa) let’s consider Villa on lakes.

It would be really romantic to come on a private boat that escorts the spouses on the bank of the Villa, can you imagine?

Villa in Tuscany Countryside

These Villas have been renewed in the last century. The old farmer had left to their children a big heritage. In the last three decades many Hollywood star and international VIP have chosen Tuscany as their place of recreation and peace.­­

A renewed Villa in Tuscany is a bold choice. Someone could say unpopular, but the merge of rustic and elegance has no equal.

Villa on the Amalfi coast

Who loves the sea have surely clear idea of the place where to marry. In Italy we have interesting landascapes, especially on the cliff of the Amalfi Coast.

This land where the sweet scent of zagare and lemons are harmonized with the aromatic one of the Mediterranean sea.

The bright colors of the majolica cupolas and the bright one of the bougainvillea and the carnations, give an evident chromatic touch to the typical whitewashed houses, which climb halfway up to the slopes of the Lattari Mountains which precipitate dizzily towards the sea.

Villas in Rome

Old Roman Villas, Neoclassic Villas, Classic Villas, are the best places you can imagine for an intimate and elegant wedding.

If you’re planning to have your wedding in Rome you need a wedding planner in Rome who knows very well the territory, rules and customs.

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