Important steps you can’t miss!

With this post today, we want to help you evaluate the idea of getting married in Italy.

It is known that in the last decade, Italy has become one of the most requested destinations for those who desire a wedding in Italy.

Couples from all over the world choose the beautiful country to pronounce the fateful “Yes, I do.”

Let’s go straight to the point to see which are the best advices of an Italian professional wedding planner in Italy…

table decorations during a wedding with the Seceda mountain in the backdrop
A couple sitting on a meadow in the dolomites

1) Catch the right venue and location.

When thinking about Italy, many couples have in their mind the most known cities, such as Florence and Rome, Venice. Our advice is to consider better the Italian territory because most enchanting places are outside the cities in the countryside. Imagine the environment on the Dolomites and South Tyrol, the epic hills in Tuscany and Umbria, and the stunning coastline of Amalfi.

A mountain chalet overlooking mountain Seceda
View from top of a charming Castle in South Tyrol.

2) Evaluate the complicated legal procedure and paperwork required.

To get legally married in Italy with a legally binding ceremony, you should go through a complex procedure different for each country. Each country has its own internal rules to release the so called “nulla osta” and it may happens the your government has signed an agreement with the Italian government or it is part of international convention such “Hague Convention” or “Monaco Convention“. When planning a civil ceremony in Italy it is wise to entrust the procedure to a qualified wedding planner that is aware of all the legals aspects related to your specific case.

3) Hosting your guest.

Usually, destination weddings in Italy host on average from 50 to 100 guests. Even though you’re planning your ceremony in a city center, you will need to consider logistic aspects regarding your guest’s transportation from the airport to the hosting venue (and vice-versa) and, in some cases, from the hosting venue to the place of the ceremony. It will be useful to entrust this task to your wedding planner in Italy to ensure that everyone arrives safe at the destination.

Castel Fragsburg

4) Book in advance.

It is well known that Italy is one of the most targeted countries for destination weddings. Therefore, we strongly suggest you book in advance Churches and venues, especially in Tuscany, Umbria, Amalfi, Sorrento, Lake Como, South Tyrol, and the Dolomites and Riviera. When we say in advance, we mean not less than one year before the wedding date.

Korean bride and American groom sitting on the meadows of Seceda.

5) Food tasting session.

Consider that many exciting venues in Italy let the couple free to choose the appropriate catering autonomously.

This sometimes puts some couple who don’t know which catering company to choose, ending with asking the venue to give them some suggestion.

Our advice is to be possibly present in Italy (at least one week some months before the date of the wedding) planning appointments with some catering companies which operate in the territory for a tasting food session with a renowned chef or high-level local caterer.

The right caterer will let you taste the best Italian food to satisfy your expectations. Once you have done that, you will go back home more serenely, waiting for the date of your wedding.

Typical Italian Focaccia with tomatoes and basil with mozzarella di bufala on the top.
Three dishes of Spaghetti made with different recipes.

6) Agreements.

It is a good practice (in your interest) to request to all vendors to sign an agreement. Qualified wedding vendors know how to deal professionally and certainly will propose you to sign an agreement.  If this does not happen, we suggest you look around and go further.

7) Plan a Journey.

You have to consider the fact that probably part of your guest has never been to Italy before, and some of them will never be there again. Therefore, it would be gentle if you could return the kindness of their presence at your wedding by planning a touristic journey for them. Maybe in the nearby, there is an archeological site to visit (Italy is full of these places) or perhaps in the nearby, a folkloristic festival is ongoing. Organize something for your guest will also be fun for you.

Internal view of San Galgano Abbey
Vineyards in Tuscany during the sunset.
A single tree alone in the valley in Val d'Orcia

8) Consider other seasons.

In Italy, there is good weather. Even-though the “most popular” season is summer, even in October, you could find good weather (and save money in the latter case). The advantage of planning your wedding in October (and in low seasons) is that you won’t have dates booked and so you will be able to select your date with more serenity. Besides, with a wedding in the fall season, you could space with so many exciting themes, imagine autumn leaves with pine cones and berries, to give you an idea.

Wedding venue in Arezzo in Tuscany among vineyards.

9) Select the best wines.

As already mentioned before, Italy’s experience for some of your guests could be their first and last, so why don’t enrich this moment with the right food. If there is space in your budget pot, you could ask the venue or the catering to propose a good sommelier. He/she will enchant your guests to describe the best wines of the land you will marry in.

Wine cellar in Tuscany.

10) Locate your wedding planner in Italy.

This is the “last but not the least.” To give sense to these tips we gave to you, we strongly recommend hiring the right wedding planner in Italy. Our opinion and consequently, the advice is to locate an Italian native wedding planner. He/she knows deeply Italian traditions and is undoubtedly easily connected with the interested network.