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Destination Wedding Planner in Italy

Thinking of a Vineyard Wedding in Italy or a wild ceremony in Dolomites’ forests?

And what about a Coast Wedding on a perched private Villa?

If yes, you’ve just landed in the right place! 

Pursue the dream of a Rustic-Intimate destination wedding in the “Bel Paese.”

We love to design Destination Weddings in Italy in wild-rustic settings. Working for couples who love Italy makes us proud of our country’s traditions, history, and culture. Our job lets us discover the diversified value of Italian territory and acquire an in-depth knowledge of other cultures.

As your destination wedding planner in Italy, we will manage your event’s logistics and book your guests’ accommodation and take care of all the legal aspects of your civil wedding in Italy and provide you all the marriage requirements for a wedding in Italy for foreigners!

Enjoy the selection of your destination in Italy and entrust us with your wedding getaway or Elopement.

We will check your deadlines sharing with you our wedding checklist, and providing you the best quality vendors concerning your budget.

We want you to savor the beauty of our land: we will accompany you in the Tuscan wine cellars, in the most beautiful Etruscan archeological sites in Umbria and Assisi, and inside the most beautiful perched old villages on the Amalfi Coast.

We will show you the coziest retreats and refuges on the dolomites mountains, advising you on the best local and food tradition!

We know the best destination wedding venue in Italy in beautiful lands such as Tuscany, UmbriaAmalfi, Sorrento, South Tyrol, Dolomites and Lake Como.

Your destination wedding in Italy will be memorable for you and your guest.

The picturesque scenarios in Tuscany and Siena‘s countryside will leave you breathless. A renovated old farm or a Tuscan Borgo, the wine’s unique taste, and the sunset’s light on the fields will seem to you the perfect painting of the “Moment” you deserve.

For the lover of the taste of saltiness and overhanging cliffs, the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento are certainly the right places for an intimate wedding on the coastline.

Fairytale places such as Assisi in Umbria deserve the attention of couples who desire to live their moment in the heart of European spirituality.

Also, have you never heard about the Dolomites and South Tyrol mountains? And what about winter weddings?

Let us be your guide and wedding planner in Italy; we can’t wait to propose you the best venues for your destination wedding here in Italy.

If you need help planning a wedding in Italy, you’re in the right place!Feel free to send us a free inquiry! We will be happy to propose a suitable offer to meet your budget capacity and expectations.


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Wedding planner - Marianna Meccariello


I love nature, the mountains, walking through the snowy forests, drink a glass of wine looking at the vesper on the Tuscan hills.
My job is to create the right mood for a rustic and refined setting, allowing you to live in a relaxing atmosphere in the beauty of the countryside, in the exclusivity of a restored Borgo, inside a cozy mountain Chalet, or in a private Villa on an overhanging cliff on the coast.
I carefully plan your event's timeline and share with you all the deadlines and our best vendors' references.
I will be happy to meet you with my husband, Alessandro, to discuss the infinite possibilities our country can offer.