A newlywed couple hugging each other on Seceda in the Dolomites
table decorations during a wedding with the Seceda mountain in the backdrop
A newlywed couple walking down the aisle after a Jewish wedding ceremony in the Italian Dolomites.

Being a Wedding Planner in the Dolomites is a real vocation!

We Orchestrate Your Grand Event Amidst the Dolomites’ Majestic Peaks.

Are you envisioning your wedding ceremony on a mountain lake or in the forest’s heart while the dew touches your face gently?

Well, you just landed in the right place today!

We want to propose our modernized mountain Hut, high-end Retreats, cozy Chalets, and private Lodges in South TyrolDolomites, and all over the Italian Alps.

What about your Elopement to Dolomites in beautiful places such as Lake Braies, Seceda, or the beautiful vineyards in the “Winestraße” in Südtirol?

Have you ever seen these places?

As local wedding planners in the Dolomites, Südtirol and Cortina d’Ampezzo, we will manage all the logistics aspects of your event, book your guests’ accommodation, keep track of your deadlines, share our wedding checklist, design the whole event, manage the entire logistics, and provide you the best quality vendors.

And what for a Civil Wedding over the Dolomites Mountains?

If you are planning to get married over the wild mountains with no one around you but the fantastic Dolomites, we can organize with the local Major a Civil Ceremony with legal value in your country of origin.
If you’re wondering about the legal aspects of your outdoor civil wedding in the Dolomites, you can rely on our expertise in civil weddings for foreigners in Italy!


Experience the Dolomites

Marianna Meccariello Wedding Planner.


I'm an organized person. I love to plan everything and analyze every data I have to better advise my couples.
My experience as a data analyst and event planner will be an asset you can rely on for your event in Italy!
My job is also to create the right mood for a rustic-chic reception in a modernized Mountain Hut, in an exclusive cozy mountain Chalet, or in a typical Stube where you will drink the best local wine and grappa. My mission is to allow you to experience a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere in the UNESCO heritage of the Dolomites.

Alessandro Pirrò Wedding Planner in the Dolomites


When I research peace, I go up to a mountain peak, and I feel like everything around me in the Dolomites has already been written in my soul.
I love the Dolomites and the merged German-Italian culture of Südtirol.
Together with my wife Marianna, we are always delighted to plan mountain and wine experiences and laid-back events for our couples from abroad.
Concerning civil marriages in Italy, I use my previous experience as a legal consultant in the foreign affairs offices of the Italian public administration to better assist our foreign couples with civil and court weddings in Italy.

The way we do it



Transparency is our highest value. That's why we only charge for our consultancy services and do not ask our clients to cover the vendor's fees.


Wedding Software

Your wedding planning process will be streamlined through our dedicated wedding management software. All communications will be seamlessly facilitated by our high-quality project management software!


Wine experience

The picturesque territories of the Dolomites boast an array of engaging experiences, from wine tasting to scenic hiking excursion.